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Osarrus Territories

Proper Name: Osarrus Territories
Ruler: Lord Anrod (LN male human, expert 10/aristocrat 6) / Council of Six (Elected by landowners, usually the six richest men in the city.)
Government: Plutocratic Republic
Seat of Government: Osarrus
Cities: Osarrus (M)
Resources: Trade center, foodstuffs
Population: Human 79%, halfling 9%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, gnome 2%, half-elf 1%, half-orc 1%
Law: LN

Give not, yield not

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

Nominee for Best of World Anvil Most Informative Map 2021

Geopolitical, County / March
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Parent Organization

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