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Wizard's Peak

In the years of his apprenticeship, Chagroth Durinhelm was drawn to a mountain in the Silver Range Mountains. He discovered a wellspring of magical power upon which he built his magical destiny.

He carved into the mountain for his first iteration of Wizard's Peak University, before eventually moving it further down the mountain after The Lichwars.

To this day, he maintains his original dwelling near the peak of the mountain as the seat of House Durinhelm.

The apprentice wizard had been hiking through the mountains by himself for a week. His younger brother had convinced him that it would be a grand adventure to hike the wild Silver Range after graduation. Maybe he could find the legendary Wizard's Peak. He had hated every minute of it.

His city upbringing did not serve him well in the mountains. The only reason he was still alive was an old copy of the "Wilderness Survival Guide" given to him by his youngest, but wisest, brother.

He set up camp for the night, moving earth into a rough dome and summoning fire with his hard won skills.

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