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The Heart of Wizard's Peak

The miracle of our civilization is built on the foundation of the rune crystal called, the Heart of Wizard's Peak. It powers the Orrery of Worlds. We could not survive without it.
— Instructor of Recruits
It seems like our world rotates around magic crystals: the Heart, the Tridensers, the Lich King' Crown, ident-a-hedrons. All of 'em carved from rune crystal or soul crystal.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The Heart of Wizard's Peak is the largest known piece of rune crystal, mysterious gems of concentrated magic. The Heart weighs 1,000 lbs and is 6 feet in diameter. It used to sit at the top of Wizard's Peak and Chagroth Durinhelm built Wizard's Peak University and the town of Magus Valley around it.

One of it's fundamental aspects is it's immovability. When the top of Wizard's Peak was destroyed by wild magic during the Disintegration of Kirinal, it remained locked in place in the air, even after the stone around it vaporized.

On the Day of Dispelling, when magic ceased for twenty-four hours, the Heart came unmoored from it's spot. Chagroth was somehow able to move it from Wizard's Peak to The Kirinal Pit. He set it at the new northern rim of the Pit and used it's magic to hold the tide of extraplanar armies at bay.

Chagroth held the line for three years, replenishing his power from the Heart, building his new Tower around him, and throwing back invaders until the signing of the Concordance for Survival Treaty.

With the creation of the Concordance for Survival, Chagroth began his final project, building the Orrery of Worlds with the Heart of Wizard's Peak at its center as the foundation and power source. Now the entire word of Erathia rotates around the Heart.

Elemental / Molecular

A black stone carved with blue runes. It glows silver.

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