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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a material in your world that is used as a source of fuel or power.
A total of 282 entries

SC2020 - Bio-ethanol

Condensed Arcane Essence

Extra-planar Blood

The Power of Performance

Polyhedric Powerglass

Spit Dragon Remains

Deuterium / Helium-3 Standard Fuel Mix

Essence Crystal Bubble

'A.O. Arcane Crystals'

The Power of Souls (SC'20)

Black Bile of the Earth.

Voidmatter Crystals

Candlewax and Lamp Oil

Mirror / Gemstone "Light Battery"

Leviathan Blubber

Spiritual Essence: Dark Fuel for Dark Magics

Power of Moonstone

Human Coins Original Concept

Prompt 31: Zidsan Pearls

Waltran aus Rørnettedderkopp

MTS1933 - Material Twilight Shade 1933 - Riftium

The Waters of the River Without End

Aflviður - Holz der Macht

Crystallized Nerd Rage

Pierre d'âmes damnées

The Secret of Icefell Kafay

Divine Pillar Shield

Heating Crystals of Haflin Woods

Magic Material Components

Strokham crystals

Magic and Blood Sacrifice

Cugisu Lode, Energised Crystals

Folyékony holdfény

Cobalt Glider Penguin Grease

Oxygen Magic spaghetti -- (Ambitious Wizardry, several worlds)

The Coronation of Emilia Herschlag

Veins of the Earth: Mining Leylines

Dinitrogen Tetroxide

Electrical Moonlight Panels [WASC2020]

Feromone Fairy Dust

ralth smaks /ɹɑlθ smæks/ or light stone

Wooden pipe's wood

Bahan Api Sihir - Magical Biofuel

Valcrunum Crystals

Ashenwood Oak Trees

The Blood of the Light

Spirit Magic Vessels & Amplifiers

The Heart of Wizard's Peak

Magic Power Crystal

The Hateful Ash of Ucrua's Echo

Processed Crumblecoal