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Flare Steel

The Burning Noble Metal

A red metal burns bright in the forges of the Dwarves, never dying down as the hours of forging pass. A single nugget, the size of a Dwarven palm, will power the forge for weeks, never dulling, never cooling. One forge in this well-worn shop, one burning bright in a circle of many, will be the beginning of some of the strongest weapons forged here by the Master Dwarves. A forge warmed by Flare Steel can only create more magical weapons.   Flare Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai and is by far one of the easiest, and cheapest, of the special metals to obtain. Referred to as one of the Noble Metals, the deep reds of this metal can be seen throughout the various kingdoms as it is used in a myriad of places. Used for weapons, light sources, in alchemical sets, and to power forges in blacksmith shops, Flare Steel has the greatest range of uses of any of the special metals. Even so, the greatest users of this warm, fiery steel are the smiths of the Dwarven Kingdom.   This fiery metal has an extremely high melting point, but when lit in a forge, can burn at high temperatures for long periods of time. When the Dwarves create their alloys from the other special metals, a continuously warm forge that varies little in temperature is a must, allowing them to slowly work the metal as it never cools.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Flare Steel has the possibility of lighting with a bright flame or exploding under certain circumstances. Based on its refinement, the potency of the flame or explosion varies.

Geology & Geography

This metal is often found in areas with rocky or arid environments, usually in the Great Plains or the Timbers of the Furnace.
Varies from a deep red to a light red based on the quality of the metal
Melting / Freezing Point
Has an extremely high melting point
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Aug 3, 2020 14:31 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This sounds so useful for blacksmithing! :) I bet the dwarves were ecsatic when it was discovered.

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