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Isekai has started its grand restructuring! Please bear with us as things move around and get situated in their new home.
Names are also in the process of changing, so some names are inconsistent currently.

Isekai Discussion Boards

Discussion Rules - READ THIS FIRST

Wed, Oct 13th 2021 11:17
Everything you need to know about using the Isekai Discussion Boards can be found here.


Mon, Nov 15th 2021 04:10
Rules about using the Isekai Discussion Boards can be found here.


Thu, Oct 14th 2021 02:53
Follow the instructions here to gain your roles to post in the Isekai Discussion Boards.
Isekai Discussion Boards

Isekai General Discussion

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:00
Discussions about all things Isekai can be found in the boards here.


Thu, Jun 2nd 2022 05:08
Announcements about things happening in the world of Isekai!

Lore Discussion

Mon, Nov 29th 2021 05:08
Lore relating to the world of Isekai can be discussed here, including articles, maps, and timelines.
  Try to keep the threads in this board dedicated to a single place/people (ex. Cradle of Clay & the Clay Giants).

Lore Suggestions

Tue, Oct 12th 2021 08:03
Think the world is missing something? Drop your ideas here and we may write something on the topic!
Isekai Discussion Boards

In Character

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 06:16
Anything done in character can be posted in the boards here.


Mon, Oct 11th 2021 06:17
In-character roleplay can be done here.


Mon, Oct 11th 2021 06:18
Stories about a character or written in character can be shared here.
Isekai Discussion Boards

Storybook System

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:06
Storybook is the TTRPG system currently in progress by RiverFang and Shiftrex. Parts of the Storybook System will utilize the discussion boards for record-keeping.

System Announcments

Thu, Sep 1st 2022 04:47
Announcements about the Storybook System.

Campfire Sessions

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:06
Campfire Sessions are periods of downtime for characters in the Storybook System. During this time, characters can spend the variety of experience points they have earned to gain new skills or other knowledge.

System Feedback

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 06:14
If you have played a game using the Storybook System, any feedback related to the system can be posted here.

System Suggestions

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 06:15
Have a suggestion for the Storybook System? Post it here!
Isekai Discussion Boards

World Anvil Challenges

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 06:22
Discussion about challenge entries in Isekai can be found here!

2021 Challenges

Mon, Nov 15th 2021 04:33
Discussion for 2021 World Anvil Challenges can be found here.

2022 Challenges

Thu, Jun 2nd 2022 04:50
Discussion for 2022 World Anvil Challenges can be found here.

2023 Challenges

Sun, Jun 4th 2023 02:06
Discussion for 2023 World Anvil Challenges can be found here.
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