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Year 300 of the Aftermath

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This is a world full of adventure and dangerous travels. Those that band together find strength, but they will contend with heavily armed monster races, lingering effects of the Eldritch War and their own limitations as people.   Magic and ancient technology are around every corner, waiting to be rediscovered or wielded for the greater good or a selfish wish. Those that gain enough experience in the world will even unlock a magical trait that grows stronger over time. Interactions with races will reveal dark feelings that go back centuries or bonds that span thousands of years, whether you travel to the bottom of the ocean or the icy ends of the earth there will be secrets and history to uncover.   The world is vast and full of potential but scarred from years of war and the corruption of dark influences. Certain races are at odds with each other, some gods are uncaring while others seek to give mortals as much help as they can without violating the trust of their divine pact. Monsters have grown smarter, increasing in numbers to equal the more civilized races on every front and some have even evolved and changed completely.
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