Bahan Api Sihir - Magical Biofuel


Using the dung of magical creatures and the left over waste of magical plants, Tarron Mythanar designed a system that allows the two to be combined and heated so that they break down into a magical biofuel called Bahan Api Sihir*.  


Step One: Loading
  • The digester is loaded with the magical creature and plant waste where it is crushed together and fed into an oxygen-free cylindrical vessel.
Step Two: Fermentation
  • The magical biomass is heated with magical fire and stirred continuously for 20 days before it starts giving off a magical gas. This biogas contains 40% to 70% Bahan Api Sihir. The rest of the gas is carbon-dioxide, with a little bit of magical toxins (less than 1%).
  • The purity of Bahan Api Sihir depends on what type of creature and plant waste used in the process.
  • If non-magical waste is include the chance of magical toxins grows.
Step Three: Uses
  • Bahan Api Sihir (BAS) has multiple uses depending on its purity.
  • The most pure BAS gas can be used to fuel vehicles such airships and land vehicles. This is the most expensive and out of reach of most people. This need the dung of Unicorns, Dragons and the plant waste of the rare Roses of Sakiya (any color).
  • The next most pure BAS gas can be used to power small scale generators. There is still a lot of experimentation on this purity of BAS gas.
  • The lowest purity of BAS gas can be used to power large scale generators like the ones that run the power supply plant and sewer treatment plant for Stillwood.
Step Four: Removal
  • The leftovers after the BAS gas, carbon-dioxide, and toxin has been removed, is a particularly robust, non-smelling magical fertilizer. It goes on the market at a premium for magical plants.
*The idea for this fuel was taken from Biofuel/Biogas and How Does an Anaerobic Digester Work?


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