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Whale Oil

Port Frostfind is known for its role in the whaling industry with ships sailing out into the North Sea. Originally, the whaling industry was known more for feeding many people all at once and the use of whale bones in making tools and ornaments.
Whale Oil didn't begin being used as a fuel in Port Frostfind until an accident on the docks involving a dock being soaked from melted whale oil being rolled out in barrels and leaking small amounts over time, and one lit lamp being knocked over. The dock ignited into a foul-smelling blaze and scuttling ships beyond repair.
From the fire burning bright, candle makers started arranging for lamps to allow for oil to brighten, and whalers found which whales produced an odorless flame. Whale fat already in use by candle makers to make candles, with a preference for the fat and oil of the oderless whale products.
Whale oil is used as a light source, and in large amounts, whale oil provides distructive tools. Liquidized oil is easy to spread, making it a popular component for Alchemist's Fire or oil traps where someone casts a fire-based spell onto it. Other uses include launching barrels of Alchemist's Fire during seiges or as a tool to wear down enemy combatants at a range.
It is also used as a lubricant for machinery, which was the original source of the rush for individuals to go into whaling, as lard from pork and beef were used more for cooking and preservation and the price for pigs and cattle were rising before whale oil was found as a substitute.
"No, I'm tellin' ya, I saw it. A whale, with spikes."
"You mean a narwhal?"
"Nonono, this whale had spikes on their spikes. It was spikes on spikes!
— Captain Croat Salim
Thydian Arles who control coastal regions have begun recruiting or building up naval forces to protect whale pods from over-hunting and to enforce laws the Arles had written up treaties agreeing to in order to preserve their profitable resources.
When burning, there is no odor.
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