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The North Sea

To the north of the Norrasjo Arling is the North Sea. Some have argued the North Sea is an ocean, but sailors tell stories of chunks of land being ice-locked into looking like iceburgs, and the presence of possible land "chunks" within a month's sailing is why sailors, ship captains, and cartographers have continued to call the North Sea a sea.
The North Sea is often a source of storms, leading to the people of the NorthSea Arling's coastal towns and city to carry names along the lines of storm-themes for their occupation, such as Arle Stormwatch carrying a name of someone who watches the weather.


Beneath the waves, there are ruins of sunken ships, but also icy tombs within shrunken iceburges still holding their captive ships. Some merfolk report canyons under the waves that get deeper and wider the further north one of their people swims. On the suface of the water, these canyons continue up into ice-covered stone, or have ice floes above them.

Fauna & Flora

The ocean is a deep region. Land-dwellers tend to sail the ocean to fish the deep-sea fish, or hunt whales. A handful of sailors who stay closer to the shores swear the black and white whales defend their ships from sharks, so long as there are nearby seals.
"You hear about Croat?"
"That Goltherine fellow?"
"You nitwit! He's a Thydian born and true; but that's not what I meant. You hear about his last whaling?"
"Who're you two talking about?"
"Captain Salim? What about his last whaling?"
"Oh right, you broke your leg on the trip before. Anyway, Croat swears he saw the spikiest whale."
— Three sailors discussing Captain Croat E. Salim's whaling venture
The merfolk live deeper in the waters and while a number hunt large fish and sea mammals, many farm deep sea plants, such as types of kelp, during the warmer parts of the year.
Whale types include Narwhals, SpermWhales, Blue Whales, and a rumored whale "with spikes on the spikes."
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