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Fjellstrand Arling


Fjellstrand is mostly along the mountain-shores of the western World Spine Mountains of Theydim. Most of the towns are along the mountain passes.


Fjellstrand has some ruins up in the mountains that have been estimated to be about as old as the Adrakian Empire, though some seem to predate the Empire and pre-date the few pre-Imperial ruins found mostly in the northern shores of Vetheriss, Norrasjo, Zimaskog, and now Ostufer Arlings.

The ruins? They're of the Empire, right? Oh, those ones. I don't know, but some of the old writing looks familiar. I can't quite place my finger on it yet.
— Risha Greenarm of the town Frostree

Goliath Rumors

There are rumors of Goliath sightings - among the rumors are sightings of large goats, their tracks, and shed horns.

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