The Slumbering Mother shelters and feeds us, the Star Shepherd guides us. The Storyteller and the Ever Marcher remind us of where we were, and where we may go. We are the herdmasters of destiny.


Goliant Ethnicities

Goliath-Related Species

Goliath Characters

Basic Information


Generally speaking, Goliaths are larger than humans, dwarfing even the Orcs.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Goliaths mostly live in nomadic societies, following their herd of goats. Believing the stars can be a guide into the minds of forces beyond the gods - forces like fate, death, and life, - Goliaths have built a tradition of individually mapping the stars for themselves as a way to guide their futures.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They live up in the mountain peaks, mostly free of interference from anyone else, though of all the peoples of the world, they're more likely to cross paths with dwarves as dwarves dig in the mountains, cracking into the surface from time to time.
Conservation Status
Average Height
Between 7-8 feet in height.

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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