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Lyraine Alei

Lyraine Alei | Member Since 6 Jun, 2018
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6 Jul, 2020 07:32

Thanks for the follow. Interesting place you have! What is the facial image site? I had seen it once but now can't find it.

6 Jul, 2020 18:08 ! I love it, it's a dangerous place to lose hours, but it's a ton of fun to use.

Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
6 Feb, 2019 10:26

Hi LyraineAlei! Can you please email me at [email protected] ASAP? You won a prize in WorldEmber and you're holding everyone up by not responding.

30 Jan, 2019 16:38

Thanks for the like on my challenge submission! :D


Name: Ashlee
Alternative Names - A.G. (used on my artwork)
I'm mostly building Soplas, which is a Setting on the world of Corive, but I greatly enjoy "throwing spaghetti around to see what sticks on the walls," as I call it (I think I stole it from somewhere else?) to help not only other people with their ideas, but start moving things around in my own ideas again.

Interests & Hobbies

World Building/Lore Crafting,
Character designing,
"Alternative Interpretations Of Characters, Please Stop Doing That Lyraine!"

Favorite Movies

Secondhand Lions

Favorite Books

Blinks Just one book? How about series?
Star Wars [Old Expanded Universe, RIP],
Theirs Is Not To Reason Why,
Redwall Series,

Favorite Writers

Issac Asimov
Tamora Pierce
C.S. Lewis

Favorite Games

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [I and II: Sith Lords]
Final Fantasy IV and IX
World of Warcraft
Magic: The Gathering
Dungeons and Dragons

Latest Loved work

Henrietta Saberith

Feu Wood


Absard Le'Powerfalh

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