Sophonts (People Species) in Corive

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Species | Apr 8, 2023

(core) The cat-people of Soplas who mostly inhabit around Goltheris.

Species | Mar 14, 2022

(core) Species of Crow who supposedly have the ability to transform into humans or human-like sophants.

Species | Nov 24, 2022

(core)The feared (by many) descendents of dragons - feared mostly for their sudden transformation from seemingly one species, into a more heavily scaled semi-dragonoid. Once, many leaders of the Adrakian Empire were Dragon Blood.

Species | Nov 24, 2022

(core) Small dragon-like species believed to be the descendents of the smaller weaker dragons fleeing from the Adrakian Empire's enemies as it fell.

Species | Nov 24, 2022

(core) The flying, intelligent beings who are now considered extinct after the Adrakian Empire worshipping them collapsed in ancient history.

Species | Nov 24, 2022

(core) Dwarves, the short squat beings originally from deep under the mountains. They are culturally split between the under-mountain dwelling Turves and Sønztuɾfs who live on the surface

Species | Mar 6, 2022

(core) The taller than humans people who have a higher tendency towards magical abilities. There are three primary cultures among the elves, which influences how elves see their nationality-based cultures.

Species | Mar 6, 2022

(core) Supernatural beings typically associated with nature and magic.

Species | Mar 9, 2022

(core) Living constructed beings who have their own souls, the Forged are a new species to challenge the traditions of who "people" are.

Species | Mar 10, 2022

(core) The smaller people of Soplas who often find themselves on the outskirts of polite societies, but tend to have an ... explosive impact wherever innovation can be found.

Species | Mar 3, 2022

The large and reclusive people who generally live in high mountain regions of Soplas

Half-Elf or Elven Hybrids
Species | Dec 27, 2022

(core) People with one elven parent and one non-elven parent. Generally Humans, but could include Orcs.

Species | Mar 11, 2022

(core) Generally people of mixed human and orc bloodlines, but may be an elven and orcan offspring.

Species | Mar 12, 2022

(core) Humans generally don't shut up, and if they do, it's because they're thinking of a question. Tell one they can't go somewhere, and you will find yourself having sit on the whole group to ensure none of the others get the bright idea of going there.

Species | Jul 23, 2022

People who live under the oceans and seas.

Species | Dec 3, 2022

(core) - The large people of the "wilderness" outside "civilization" and walk with forgotten hints of pride.

Condition | Apr 30, 2022

(core) The undead, the undeceased, or those not alive, but lives among the living after their death.

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