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Basic Information


Generally bipedal with two arms and a "head".
The mobile framework is protected by the external armor/exoskeleton.
  There are variants who can be built to alternative designs to perform alternative functions. A stealth-based assassin Warforged may have itself modified or been built to resemble creatures such as a spider-woman to invoke fear of mythical beings or to grant the Forged the ability of those creatures.
Warforged are built to serve a purpose, so their design reflects those purposes.

Biological Traits

A Warforged is presumed to be immortal. So long as it still possesses its soul, or its body is not beyond repair, they can not die. If enough damage is done to a Warforged, it will "deactivate" for a period of time depending on its collected experiences.

Genetics and Reproduction

Manufactured, production has ceased for the most part as subsequent Forged have developed ... "variances," or personalities to at least imply they have souls.

Growth Rate & Stages

They do not grow unless they add modifications to their bodies.

Ecology and Habitats

Each type of Warforged is built out of materials and patterned into forms unique to their construction origins.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Primarily a subserviant existence, they were initially designed to serve as roles for military operations. There have been developments in the treatment of Forged after it was discovered they had personalities and may have souls. Independently operating Forged can be hired on as mercenaries, guardsbeings for merchants, or wander the kingdoms exploring.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Mostly initially built for warfare, kingdoms have repurposed some for alternative uses, such as mining work, factory processing, field work, law enforcement, manufacturing, or as guards.

Facial characteristics

While some may have faces modified into their chosen "face" location, this tends to result in the Uncanny Valley effect if the faces are too face-like. Most who choose to adopt faces tend to design their faces into helmet-like patterns. Others may modify into having more mechanical beast-like heads.
Faces also vary depending on the Forged's function at creation.

Average Intelligence

Dependent on initial purpose the individual was designed for. Independent operating Forged tend to be more intelligent than Forged who were designed to operate as part of a team in a hive mind setting, though these are also depending on who built them.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Different Kingdoms tend to build Warforged who were of a type to fit in with their primary military style or as support.
  Most combat-based Forged have some kind of sight method, though Goltharine Forged tend to see in temperature and sonar working in tangent.
Stealth-based Forged have vision and heightened hearing as well as sensitivity to vibrations on a surface. Unless installed with occular devices, most Forged have a sight, but not one affected nearly as much by bright light due to a lack of rods and cones, though bright light will still obscure vision. Darkness still has an effect unless they have been modified or built with low/dark vision.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Names are usually based on function, model number, or others turning numbers into similar looking letters.
A few Forged have entirely organic names due to their Organic peers giving them organic names.

Gender Ideals

Gender is based on voice patterns recorded by the Forged Smiths who constructed them. If a voice pattern is not identifiable as male or female, the pronoun used is typically "shey/sheir" until the individual has selected a pronoun they prefer more.

Average Technological Level

Generally, Warforged do not develop technology of their own, but others develop technology for them, often replacing body parts with other forms of technology.


Warforged are a young race. They were built as automatons, but in the middle of The Great War, they "woke up" and showed signs of being sentient.
Waking up, Warforged are little more than small children, mentally. There are records of Warforged who were traumatized by the War until they were removed from the field.
While the origins of their souls are unknown, they do possess souls as confirmed by clerics and paladins who found themselves with Warforged among them.
The southern kingdom of [Rainforest] believe Warforged are formed the same way as most golems - by ripping souls of out living beings ans into the machines. Warforged created after Warforged began waking up, also exhibit the same behaviors of "waking up," rendering this belief debunked by most scholarly people.
Scientific Name
Mechanicus Psycheus Null
Potentially Immortal
Conservation Status
Average Height
Average at six feet, but can range from inches to over twelve feet.
Average Weight
300-600 lbs, stealth builds may be significantly lighter, but are less common. Heavier builds are also possible, but are also less common outside of military camps.
Average Length
Build dependent
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
While built of metal and wood, the metal to wood ratio varies from initial function to which kingdom the Forged originated from, as well as the type of material used.

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