"You want a few words to describe Dwarves? Depends on which ones. The mountain dwarves, the Turves, tend to be isolationists, while their Sunlit kin they call Søŋnɘstuɾves are more willing to be social. As a culture, they both tend to have a thing about 'collecting' luck. As a species, they're all short, stubborn, and come from under the mountains, and that's about as similar as dwarves get to one another as an individual."

Dwarf-Related Species

Dwarven Characters

Basic Information


Their skin is sensitive to sunlight, leading to itching sunburn-like reactions, but dwarves are a hardy people who can and do adapt within a week to two weeks, like they have adapted to the dangers of life underground. They are typically as tall as the average Human's ribcage, and while those who can may grow their beards out, dwarven beards have no special abilities.

Ecology and Habitats

Dwarves originally came from under the mountains, so they have a vast underground empire built beneath the World's Mane and the mountains of Tormyra.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dwarves have been farming and herding their food sources for thousands of years, but if it lives underground, they will find a use for it and/or eat it. Turns out the dwarves have a resistance to poisons, as one of their Ambassadors tried to replicate a Sunlit Land Dweller's dish, only to use hemlock as an ingredient, leading to some seriously ill Elves . It was luck the Dwarven Ambassador was able to smooth the mistake over by eating an entire hemlock plant.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Many pride themselves on being difficult to read in terms of facial expression.
Those who can may grow beards, though the beards tend to be more face-framing at longest due to the hazards of having long hair at all.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dwarves do not need as much light as most of the Sunlit Land Dwellers do to navigate in the dark. Those who live under the mountains are said to have an uncanny sense of direction while underground.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Names of all dwarves tend to be akin to stones, gems, metals, mining practices, and metallurgy. Surnames tend to be occupation or locations based, like Thydian Humans.

Beauty Ideals

"The only sign of sanity among the Søŋnɘstuɾves is that they, unlike those Dwarven term for High Elves here, still keep their hair out of the way of their jobs. I don't understand how any of 'em get anything properly smithed without hair falling into the smelter and ruining the ore."

Dwarves generally style their appearance to be functional first and artistic second. If there is little to no risk of their styling interfering with their job, generally, they will do it.

Average Technological Level

Steam powered machinery, clockwork technology, and magic-tech.

Common Dress Code

Dwarves dress for function before frivolity, the closer to the surface, the colder they are, so Dwarves typically wear layers of fabric to protect themselves from the sunlight and from the cold.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

The dead are cremated and the ashes buried if the dead Dwarf was not lowered into the magma of the Great Paths.

Common Taboos

To willfully blast the rocks without great social gain is to harm the core of the Dwarven Souls to Come.

Common Myths and Legends

The Dwarves were carved into life by the [Stone Golem Gods], and thus the dead are returned to stone through the magma lakes.
Genetic Descendants
120-140 years
Average Height
About 4-4.5 feet tall
Average Weight
About 180-250 pounds
Average Physique
"Short and stout, you'd think dwarves were made of stone."
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Typically dwarves have a slight "stone" coloring to their skin tones that vary from pale to "bronzed".
Turves - Dwarves of the Mountains CD10 Starting Traits


Dislike(non-enclosed spaces)




Iron Physique(Poison and Disease)





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