Shadow Distortions

Trigger Warning

This creature takes a lot of inspiration from serial killers, stalkers, impersonators, and similar beings with the addition of body horror when this article is complete. If these are triggers, please click away with the understanding that these beings eat their victims, take on their "shape" until the shapeshifting no longer is close enough to looking like a person.

According to the folklore of Turves, there are beings of shadow who will kill a person and take their shape. With the shape of their victims, they mingle among people. They lure their next victims into places where the Distortion or multiple Distortions can feast and take on the form of their victim.

Distortions in Form

Each victim adds a trait to the Distortion's "base" physical form. These additions in turn, make the shift into other forms less accurate when changing. These changes can go from scars on the wrong side to missing, or a voice range being off, but the one thing that can never change is their eyes - black, no scelara, no irises.

Hunting Patterns and Social Structures

It is believed the Distortions send out their young to find a target and lure their prey in for a slaughter to feed a large group of Distortions who can no longer hunt as efficiently.

They would shift shapes to mingle among the people, find someone who would recognize their shape. Once they find that person, they will follow and try to separate their target from others.

When this occurs, people should move in groups and escort the "found person who had been missing" to a Certifier who can confirm if the person is truly who they are.

"Ussin? You've been gone for a week. Come on, we need to see the Certifier."
"No, I don't need to."
Unknown - presumed to live forever unless killed
Geographic Distribution
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