The Undermountains

We've determined these lands to be called the "Sunlit Lands" because they are lit by the "sun" - their moving source of light, unlike our roads and cities lit by our rivers.
. . . .
"Sun," "moon," "stars," and then there are "clouds" in the "sky." "Clouds" are - they look like soft rocks, maybe fabric is the better word, as they also flow along the unseen current in the "sky." Water falls from the darker clouds, much like the steam-mists of our cavern-roads would condense water onto cooler surfaces. I . . . imagine the "clouds" are hot to the touch, if we could reach them at all, as they tend to be bright, like flames are.
While the features of the eternal ceiling are fascinating and unlike our homes, they are not what must be noted here for all memory for our people.
We have the ability to consume whatever tries to kill us . . . .
  Deep beneath the World Spine Mountains, live the Dwarves - or Turves as their language identifies them. The Under Cities are carved into the mountain side, their structures as marvels of technology when the rivers lighting their deepest roads and the hearts of their cities also feed the forges.   Sunlit Landsdwellers tend to have a hard time breathing without wearing enchantments protecting against poisons, though Sønztuɾfs recover more easily and eventually do not need the enchantments. Other Sunlit Landsdwellers have issues with the heat due to the proximity of the rivers, often requiring protection magics for that and significantly fewer clothes.  
"Oh, you poor Sunlit. You'd be better off not wearing all that - your kind are from much colder places. Drink lots of water - it dripped off clean just last hour."
  Due to the heat, water evaporates into steam and settles on the cavern roofs before dripping down. The roads and cities have workers whose job is entirely just to clear out stalagtites and stalagmites, while homes clearing out the sediment layers are kept at the resident's discretion. They do provide a convenient way to harvest water.   Outside of the cities, there are centipedes, gliding spiders, and Shadow Distortions among other predators haunting the shadows of the caverns. Most life within the Undermountains eat each other and attempt to be toxic to their eaters, with very few exceptions, such as mushrooms.
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