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Eyes of the World

The Eyes of the World can view all of Soplas, or so the stories go.   You can't, but it feels pretty close. I think I can see to Feroia's borders to the south.
— Magnus the Red-Eyed
  Two peaks tower above the rest among the World Spine Mountains called the Eyes of the World. At some time in the ancient histories of The Adrakian Empire, the peaks were flattened to allow for the three Dragon Gods of the Adrakian Pantheon to meet with each other at one peak and meet with their respective or collective High Priest at the other.
  From the peaks, one can see farther than at any other place in Soplas, and the mountains are taller than the others along the World Spine Mountains in Supercontinent A.   Those who have climbed to the top describe the view as humbling when they see the twin cities of Estopti and Oestopti along the mountainsides.
From up high, everything feels so small. Like, when I look, I can see a cluster of wagons from another Trader Caravans. They're so small - the size of my pinkie tip for the whole group. Every drama of our personal lives, and we're the size of gnats from those heights. Do you ever concern yourself with the daily struggle of a gnat?


The Eyes of the World currently house the twin cities that ruled over the Adrakian Empire, and then later, the Capital Arling of Theydim, and the unified Theydim, nation thing.   It is unknown how or when the peaks had their tips flattened or if they had flattened naturally. Most agree the Empire's draconic gods had formed the plateau to create a place where none were higher than the other two.   After Saint Antral's Rebellion resulting with the rebels taking the cities and the Empire's fall, a keep was built at each plateau as a place of refuge for the city below. The cities built themselves deeper into the mountains, creating easier pathways to the top, though the hike is often still dangerous for those of poor health or the unprepared.   Local laws state running is illegal for medical reasons after several who had ran down or up the old external or the newer internal routes have struggled with breathing.   Despite the health concerns involved with reaching the peaks, the keeps are the residence of the Arling's Arle and their family.
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