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Thydian-Tormian Ruins of Anzilvar

Blue flames whipped out from the ground and sundered the street as if the two sides were rivals for a fued. I watched as my home of seventeen years tipped, and then the bedroom I slept in as a child collapsed into the widening canyon. Only the kitchen clung to the surface, barely. My life history, gone, stolen by this war we wanted nothing to do with.

The only satisfaction I get from seeing my home sink with our neighborhood, is knowing the mages who did this died.

- fragment of a journal
In a crossroads of where Thydian and Tormian cultures cross and blend in the modern day, rifts and ravines have torn a city into an uneven landscape. Buildings are shattered like eggshells, as if a crow had raided the nest protecting them.

The People and History

The last inhabitants of the city were Adrakians, who saw their homes shredded as wild bursts of magic escaped the mages using it.   Records describe a group of rebels using magic against an Adrakian authority in the city, though the records are conflicted on where the city stood as the Empire fell apart.   Iconography from the time suggests the people were more like the people who would begin the Kingdom of Tormyra, though there are several suggestions of pre-Thydian symbols being in the area.

Recent History

The ruins have been occupied and cleared out through history by bandits, though stories of the town having shadow-monsters lurking in the crevases effectively chase away most casual looters. Bandits being the ones to share the stories, pleading for town guards to jail them instead of leaving them out, lend authenticity.

City Defenses

The city once had walls, though the skeletal remains still provide individual cover without defending any structures. Trade and Industry

Trade Routes

Anzilvar was once a trade hub feeding the roads into the Last Shrine of Kaygys. The ancient roads have long been abandonned for alternative routes, starving out anyone still clinging to the ruins of the city.


The surrounding area is scarred, and for decades after the city's collapse mid-battle, magic effects would erupt and wide the rifts or create new ones.

During the final days of The Adrakian Empire

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