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Stendal Arling


Named for Stendal, who originally was a warrior for Magnus who held a third of Theydim under his command and earned a retirement in a location of his choice. Stendal chose a stoney valley and carved out a living in it. Eventually a town built up around him started by others who fought at his side.

Stendal is still the capital region of the Arling holding the name of their town and founder, and unlike some of the other Arlings, it has never lost their original location



Stendal is well known for their goats and the carved stair-step valley farms. Like the rest of Theydim, East, it's not as wealthy of a land for farming, though it does have some small veins of Arfosian mines.


Most of the successful mines in Stendal are simple raw materials like NAME, NAME, and NAME. Stendal has a handful of Arfosian mines near where UnAssumingCharacterMerchantGuildAntiBackerPersonWhoUsedToBeAnArleGeezeLyraineNameThisPersonByNow once had command, until Alleklint attempted to steal their territory, and the several times Stendal had taken land from Alleklint.

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