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"This is important, Valeska. You're going to be Arle of Felkhath one day. We may have a High King now, but Theydim has not generally kept one for as long as we have this time. We should prepare you to rule without your neighbors."
Pronunciation: IPA: "ɐɾ-l" or "ɐɾ-ɫ" English-Based: "Arl" or "Ar-LLe" regional variance with the e's pronunciation. Some older documents in northern Theydim do not spell Arle with the e, suggesting the spelling is a development from association with Tormyra or the Five Cities.
An Arle is in charge of an Arling (political subdivision of Theydim). Before the Unification of Theydim was written by High King Magnus the Red-Eyed, Arles ruled their region as indipendent entities. Since the Thydian Unification Wars, small arlings have grown from disgruntled towns and cities leaving their arling and following a more local individual.
Most Arles inherit their title from parent to child or otherwise designated heir. Generally new arlings start up around a local leader who demonstrates their ability to react to the needs of their people and neighbors when their Arle is perceived as responding too slowly to be effective. Certain cities have been traditionally capitals of arlings - such as Feroian Keep, Port Frostfind for Feroia and North Sea respectively.
Through history, arlings have altered their size as towns as towns claim to be of one arling or another, or Arles lay claim to the town throough differing means.

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Form of Address
Your Highness / Your Majesty
Source of Authority
Varies on the region,
  • the People
  • the High King
  • Military Might
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