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The Five Cities


Ancient History

The Adrakian Empire had a limited number of settlements in the region, presumably because of the geography. Those surviving settlements are believed to be the foundations of the Cities, while the ruins are quietly consumed by the water, soil, and vegitation.

Modern History

The Blight War came from a bad year of rice harvest, when the Cities began to war among each other in order to feed their population. Eventually, the Blight War led to the Cities' expansion attempt north into Theydim and west into The Contested Lands to join the Great War.


Each City is run by an individual Family, though each Family sends a representative for the Council of Families.

Council of Families

The Council of Families negotiate and trade between each other to maintain some semblance of peace between the Cities.
Conflict Between Families
Negotiations are not always successful, and from time to time, communications break down - such as the Blight War. If not for the eventual participation into the Great War, the Council nearly dissolved from the Blight War.
Family - Current Council Representative
Ruling Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ethnicities

City Hierarchy

Clerics hold a position of educational power, because they help shape and guide future leaders and the people to follow the will of the Gods. Some outsiders accuse the clerics in the Five Cities of being more politician than religious leader, but are quickly shut down when the outsiders also showcase how little they know the Five Cities in the first place.


Each of the Cities has their own primary industry, and is supported by a network of supporting settlements.


Arfosian is an ore found surrounding GemscrollGems, and has a unique magical property allowing for it to be made in items such as parts for a Forged or prosthetic limbs.

Five Cities Rice

Five Cities Rice is a unique breed of rice grown to produce in the cold waters of the region

Political Relations


Arlings in Theydim have accused the Five Cities of financially backing raiders and bandits, but the accusations often struggle to find proof.


The Five Cities and Goltheris have a train line between the two countries running materials between the cities and delivering both raw materials and crafted goods into the country-city.

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