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Soplas is a subcontinent connected to Supercontinent A on its southern side.


Much of the history prior to the days of the Adrakian Empire have been lost, or forgotten. Most of the peoples inhabiting the subcontinent do not have myths or legends about their species origins believed by many because there are the records from the Adrakian Empire who was ruled by dragons calling themselves gods. With the fall of the Adrakian Empire, the primary religion of worshipping the draconic rulers lost favor as they were clearly not immortal deities, but mortals like the people they ruled over. Ruins predating the Adrakian Empire are scattered about the subcontinent, but are very old, unstable, and in some cases, the Adrakians had repurposed the ruins to serve their own needs.

The Adrakian Empire once spanned the subcontinent, supposedly naming it "Soplas" the Adrakian word for "my nest" or "my home." While the Empire has long since fallen, the name for the continent has been carried on.

Many of the sophont species have old stories, but those tales had been distorted by the Empire claiming the dragons ruling it were the gods of the world in those days. Anti-Adrakian sentiments in the early years after the empire's fall had brought back some of the older myths' details, but many of them had to be rebuilt from their fragments as removing the Adrakian influences to the stories lead to confusion.

"From these stories in NorthTownInTormyra, they say Kaygys breathed the Breath Fae into being, while in EastTownInTormyra, they say the Breath Fae came into being by an accident of Athtica. Trying to find the real origins is a pain and a half now when EastTownInTormyra is busy trying to convince those Fae to leave them alone by feeding them metal and NorthTownInTormyra has every house set to freeze anyone of Fae blood from entering."
Tormian Scholar, some two thousand years ago


There are many ruins going back to the days of the Adrakian Empire, as well as ruins that seem to predate it. The ruins predating the Empire seem to not belong to the same cultures, but the Adrakian ruins appear to not carry many of the features of those who came before in the same or nearby locations.

Scholars have identified a number of pre-Adrakian ruins along the coastlines, though investigations have been mostly dangerous due to natural hazards, wildlife, the ruins being repurposed by the living, and in some cases the dead.

Notable Ruins

There is a rising scholarly interest in the artifacts of the ruins, with early Adrakian or pre-Adrakian items being worth more coin. There are rumors of powerful items being lost to the ages since the fall of the empire, and rumors of some items predating the empire. Some clever mages have found some of the old ways to replicate the magical effects, though most find their replications to be more complicated than the original's methods for achieving the same goal.

Modern Day

In the current day, the trade language of Common is spoken in major cities and along the Old Road where the Road is maintained, and along the roads created since the Empire fell. The language follows a hybrid of an older form of Thydian and Adrakian when the latter was the primary language of the Empire, and the new zealots of Saint Antral in Theydim were trying to pull together their pre-Imperial lingual roots. Most of the vocabulary is built of a mix of words created within the language, and words pulled and distorted from the post-Imperial dialects of places the (mostly human) merchant caravans traveled through.

Traditional power structures have been shifting because those who used to have power have found themselves at the risk of losing their social and economic standings.

In Tormyra, the recent rise of Artificers has developed into magic being used for mundane purposes, where before it was studied mostly by the elite and the arts of crafting magical items were an arduous process. With the rising number of Artificers bringing the idea of almost anyone having the potential to be a mage, the old long standing mage families have taken towards snubbing the supposedly "not actual mages."

In Theydim, the feudal system has been slowly dismantling after the Unification Wars left Arlings without several of members of their courts and the lands became marketable. This has been leading towards the rise of an economic and political middle class and the declining numbers of people "bound" to the land as serfs.

The Five Cities and Placeholderwordsaboutrunningfactorieshere

The nation-city Goltheris is ruled by the Goltharine Guilds and as the The Great War ended, have found themselves facing moreplaceholderwordshere

Someday, there will be music here.

Currency is not unified across Soplas, and most often coin is treated with suspicion if it doesn't quite match the local coinage. Many merchants currently with trade goods for items of agreed equal value instead of dealing with coin after a recent series of large influx of artificial gold flooded the market, forcing merchants to shift to accepting only brass coins as currency. More precious metal coins are still used, such as silver and gold, but are generally treated with suspicion and inflated prices by merchants who want to cover their costs.

Banks began building up in larger cities mostly to convert foreign coin to local coin in order to help foreigners trade in proper rates instead of the suspicion-caused inflation. Banks also provide tests to separate counterfeit coins from more authentic coins, and will take the counterfeits without punishment for whoever brings them in, though the "exchange rate" is a significant drop.

I knew that traveller was shifty - he deserved to pay three times the price for his goods if what he gave me is actually worth less than a single coin. At least I got the cost of the goods covered, if not my profits. Bank gave me a quarter of what he claimed these were worth.
— Disgruntled merchant who had been paid in counterfeit coin

Geography and Geology

The western shorline is mostly dominated by the World Spine Mountains. WORDS HERE

  • The northernmost region of Soplas, it is also the largest currently under the rule of one government body.

  • When winter arrives, everything generally shuts down and the roads go untravelled. People have been found in the spring having died from exposure to cold weather.

  • It's speculated by many outsiders that war is a preferred Thydian hobby because it keeps you warm, and the Arlings like to war among each other when they do not have a would-be High King trying conquer all of them.

  • Mages of poor skill may wind up blowing up buildings, or doing nothing at all. A mage's general competence is determined by their ability to control their spells to the degree they need to complete the task.

  • One's magical prestige helps or hinders their family. Families will often do whatever they can to maintain or improve their status in society, as mages are the ruling class under the magically powerful royal family.

  • Lotsa Wars Happened Here

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  • City states who hate each other, but don't like others encroaching upon their borders

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  • Dwarves, specifically the ones who work to keep Sunlit Landspeople from coming down. Or other dwarves from going up.

  • Underground, and really deep underground.

  • It's a big ol' city. Used to be several cities, but now they're all one city - according to their Council.

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Natural Resources

Arfosian and Gem Scrolls materials. WORDS HERE


  • Old Road - once the major highway of the Adrakian Empire, there are still parts used currently, but other parts have been neglected over time.


  • Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants


  • Beeeeeeeeastiees
Soplas Political Map

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