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Priesthood of Kaygys

The Triad of the Adrakian Empire divided Soplas into thirds by the height of their expanse. Kotzuiyrn, the Razing ruled the northern expanses, Kaygys, the Jealous the central and south-east, and Athtica the Unfettered Gear perused the south and the southern World Spine Mountains.   During the days of the Empire, the Priesthood of Kaygys were typically tasked with what many in the present would consider economic fields - they as a whole were the ones charged with distributing goods, the ones who had to acquire the goods to be distributed, and to manage the flow of income.   The priests have been recorded as generally being pleasant and cordial, hosting lavish events and being generous towards their allies and beings they felt deserving of kindness. Several of the modern Poverty Houses in the older cities of Theydim use buildings originally built by or on the orders of Priests for the same purposes.   Records of how the priesthood operated internally, however, reveals the careful manipulation of the public views of individuals and their allies as the priesthood would backstab, tear down, and at least one had assassinated, for a promotion and greater status. This behavior reflected the teachings of their Dragon-God of being generous to his friends and allies while snubbing his enemies before using his abilities to destroy them.   Some of the practices used by the Thydian Merchant Guild to manage the acquisition and distribution of materials and goods have led some scholars to point out the similarities between the ancient religious organization who did the same and more for or to their people.
Dissolution Date
End of the Adrakian Empire
Religious, Organised Religion
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
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