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Athtica the Unfettered Gear

"Hm?" You hear gears click and turn like clockwork. "Oh, hello. I've not realized mine were still around. Now, that young lady was quite put out when I chose to not side with her, but I did not side with the other either. It's been a while, I guess. The Dwarves are fairly good company to keep, when someone gets curious enough to find me."
You see a mechanical head shaped like a dragon's with backswept cheek ridges. Horns sweep back as they overlap. The mechanical skull floats over to you and seems to look over the party, pausing at each of you for a moment.
"Oh, what a pretty hatchling you've made. Will your hatchling grow with time? I had some similar ideas, but then I was distracted." The head bobs for a moment. "Oh, I've been a poor host. Please, have a seat. I'll need to move a few things, maybe."
Looking around, you see the chamber is filled with stacks of paper and vellum arranged around various mechanical things. The mechanical head floats around, weaving and bobbing through the maze of expirements and, presumably, notes. On the wall is a bone skull looking much like the mechanical dragon skull. There is a harp hanging from one of the horns.
"Come along, come along!" The voice sings. "You will simply have to tell me what Kaygys is up to these days, young Hatchling!"

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