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Kaygys, the Jealous

The Jealous Kaygys

"Kaygys will bless you, for your aid in freeing me."
— A follower of Kaygys, found in the Citadel of Kaygys
"While the halls seem to be in reverence to Kaygys, a great deal of the statuary are of a red dragon."
"Maybe Kaygys is a secondary divine in the pantheon."
  (if deity, goes above Physical)

Divine Domains

The Adrakian Empire worshipped Kaygys as the living divine over wealth, trade, negotiations, and the weather. It was said that when in battle, he could turn a summer day into a blizzard.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Adrakian Coinage - whenever one barters or trades, it is a form of worship.
The copper coin was worth approximately 1/10th of a Silver. They had the crest of Athtica the Unfettered Gear - her gear and a dragon's head as the obverse and the WORDSHERE on the reverse. The copper coin was not the main standard for comfortable living. Usually, a small pile of copper coins was replaced by a silver coin cut in half or in fourths.
The silver coin was worth approximately 10 copper, and was 1/10th of a Gold. They had the crest of Kaygys - snowflakes encircling a dragon head in profile as the obverse and the WORDSHERE on the reverse. The silver coin was the main standard for comfortable living - a single silver coin was often half a day's labor. A small pile of silver coins was rarely replaced by a gold coin hut in half or in fourths. Silver was the most commonly used metal for coinage.
The gold coin was worth approximately ten silver, or a hundred copper. They had the crest of Kotzuiyrn - a dragon encircling a flame on the obverse and the WORDSHERE on the reverse. The gold coin was an uncommon sight unless among the wealthy or the Priests serving the Adrakian Pantheon.

Tenets of Faith

  • Defend what is yours,
  • Your history and your future are worth preserving.
  • Ensure that which is yours will endure.


When the Blue Moon was eclipsed, it was believed Kaygys would be overcoming his enemies, and the eclipse was seen as an omen of celebration.

Divine Goals & Aspirations


Physical Description

Kaygys has been described and depicted as a large white dragon, though some have stated that the dragon appeared to also be very feline and to have fur over his scaled body and tail.   From time to time, he would take on a more humanoid form to walk among his worshipers. This form appeared to be more like that of a Tabaxi with wings and some scaling.

General Physical Condition

Identifying Characteristics

Unlike Kotzuiyrn, the Razing or Athtica the Unfettered Gear, Kaygys was generally identified by what lizard-like traits he did not appear to have. He was also scaled and furred in a snow-white coloring.

Facial Features

Depicitons of Kaygys use

Body Features

Physical Quirks

Special Abilities

Apparel & Accessories


Specialized Equipment



Early Life



Accomplishments & Achievements

Failures & Embarrassments


Mental Characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

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Personality Characteristics



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Religious Views

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Divine Classification
Dragon God
Current Location
Depictions tend to use aquamarines for Kaygys' eyes.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
As white as snow.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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