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White Cloaks

We're Felkhath, no matter what the Vetheriss wants to believe, and our Arle Nunciel Great-Cook let us choose for outselves if we wanted to use the Merchant Guild.
— Supposedly a conversation between a Merchant from Raudrstein to a White Robe
A rumored organization of individuals with a strong interest in the economy of Theydim, nation thing, the White Cloaks are only known by the robes their members supposedly wear for official duties.


Official Origin

Most rumors and stories claim the White Robes started showing up about ten or fifteen years ago, providing monetary support to select merchants who began to turn out profits. Said merchants would insist their patrons were the representative of someone wealthier who wanted to see the city the merchant is in, expand and grow.

Recent Activities

In the last year, the White Robes have taken towards making appearances and wearing ornate masks shaped like some kind of cat-dragon hybrid. The appearance of the masks have drawn the attention of the Order of Speared Light into attempting to investigate, but their investigations seem to cause more local issues than resolve concerns about draconic worship.


The Robes provide financial backing to favored merchants, and seem to be building a trade network to produce economic growth to cities and settlements.   In the last year, the Robes seem to be expanding their methodology and interests. Rival merchants to a robe-backed merchant have seen a rise in vandalism, thefts, and the destruction of property. Entire settlements would find themselves facing shortages in food or agricultural supplies as Trader Caravans would bypass them entirely.   Supposedly, several merchants would see an end to the destruction if they were to join the Merchant Guild, leading to more suspicious minds believing an overt connection exists. The Guild denies the allegations, and remind people of the support the Guild has with Capitolists and how the Order of Speared Light would hardly be in an alliance with anyone rumored to have draconic ties.   Unfortunately, with the state of Felkhath after the recent Siege of Felkhath, the damages caused to merchants has passed on struggles to the rest of the populace. Robe-backed merchants have access to better supplies, and charge more for their goods, while their "rivals" struggle to maintain a stock of merchandise, and the locals have to make economic choices.  


The White Robes appear to believe in the power of economics, and use money to control others. in the last year, they've began searching for someone, but asking in vague questions and receiving no answers.   Adrakian Ties

Some (usually drunk merchants in a shady corner of a tavern if not out in the alley) suggest the White Robes are a surviving group from the Priesthood of Kaygys who utilized money as a way of ensuring obedience from their followers while endearing themselves to masses at large.

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Jul 27, 2022 04:02

Hmmmm. Good article to raise suspicions - merchant cartels? Draconic masks? Supply and network connections......

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Goood, goooood, I need them to be suspicious for my players as well! I'm glad it was successful for you to be suspicious.

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Mafia not evil. Mafia just exort merchant with heinous loans.

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True. I guess not a mafia, but I imagine they don't get happy when people show up and don't owe them money.

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