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Capitolist Faction

Theydim is Warring from Within

When my father died, I was to take his place as High King. I have been raised to this position my entire life. I am not my father, yes, but we are not in a time where we need a leader claiming they were cut from the same cloth as my father.
We cannot cling to the past when the past is no longer a system that will work. Kerlbror claims we have enemies waiting to strike when we are weakest, but he is tearing Theydim apart with this war, weakening us for them. Standing as lone Arlings against the world would be like welcoming defeat to our hearths.
We need to come together and follow my father's dream - we are all Thydian first, wherever we are from within Theydim.

The Capitolists are the western-based faction of the Thydian Civil War, named because the Arle of Capital started it. In general, the alliance was built on the foundational belief that Magnusdotr is the legitimate heir needed by Theydim, or her supporters.

Capitolists support the Unification of Theydim Treaty's current terms and generally want to supplement it with additional terms. In contrast, the primary opposition, Ostufer's Faction, intends to remove several aspects the Capitolists claim to be vital. One of these terms is to formalize borders between Arlings. A mere generation prior, Arlings used to change boundaries based on towns and regions petitioning another Arle to claim their town or region, causing cartography issues.

Ostufer has taken in Arlings, who had petitioned to join after the crippling debts amassed from the Unification Wars, and then the Great War less than a full generation later.
This is how we have always been - Arlings rise and fall as their leaders can defend or support, and when they fall, another Arling will take them. The Treaty has halted this pattern, our tradition. If an Arle is unsuitable to rule, the people should be allowed to refuse that Arle's protection and turn to another.
The late High King faltered when he promised smaller Arlings the permanence of their borders. He faltered when the economy showed who is truly supporting whom. The larger Arlings are being punished when we should not be punishing them for past successes, but rather preparing for the next Great War.

"We are all a united Theydim."

Founding Date
7.31 3A
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
Predecessor Organization
"Caps", "Capitalists"
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Two smaller and less formally arranged, rivaling factions within the Civil War include the Uncrowned and Independents. The Uncrowned supporting Arlings are led by a council of Arles who have proposed that Theydim be headed by an assembly of Arles instead of a High King. In contrast, the Independents reject the unified Theydim in favor of old traditions before the Unification Wars.


The banner of the Capitolists is the banner of Capital - the setting sun between the Eyes of the World, where the Twin Capitals were built, under the three full moons of Corive.


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Core Members

  • Capital

    • This Arling began the alliance. Their Arle was the High King himself and is now Magnusdotr when he made her their Arle six years ago. This transfer of power freed Magnus the Red-Eyed of his more Arling-bound responsibilities in favor of his Thydian duties.

      Tilde Magnusdotr is still young and many believe her push for the crown is rooted in her mother's insistence. Despite the concerns over a younger Arle, the Capital Arling has been consistently solvent with their economy, making their region attractive for Merchant Wagon routes.

    • Thydian Merchant Guild

      • Magnusdotr supports this guild's startup, and the guild's base is in her Arling. If fully established, she has promised the guild that Theydim will provide safe routes to maintain caravan schedules, price control, and membership from every merchant.

        "... In exchange for the above terms, the Guild will provide Capital and allies of Capital with reduced and standardized prices for goods and services. The Guild will set standards and punishments for merchant behaviors and to dissuade so-called 'Marmalade Merchants' by ....

        - Guild communications with Magnusdotr
    • The Order of Speared Light

      • The Order's Temple of the Forge is in Estopti, one of the Capital Cities of Theydim within Magnusdotr's Arling. In return for her supporting their continued efforts, the Order reaches out to the other religious orders of Theydim.

        The Order also provides general knowledge of Theydim's geography and the Thydian people across the Arlings from generations of traveling and monster hunting. Despite this aide, the Order has been losing influence for the last several centuries and has mostly held sway over the more traditional-minded Thydians and cities reporting abomination sightings.

  • Feroia

    • Magnusdotr is Tigh Turlan's niece, and Feroia is one of Capital's first allies from the Unification Wars. She has also helped restore Feroia's trade reputation because her uncle prefers to spend money, but not think much about his decisions. Magnusdotr is, at this time, Turlan's heir, and many in the northern part of Feroia consider her their Arle in all but title.

      Some in southern Feroia feel that Turlan's lax attitude has allowed for bandits and crime to grow, forcing towns and villages to depend on themselves instead of their Arle. Several southern Feroians have taken up hiring a mercenary band.

  • You act as if we have a choice. Turlan has no heirs of his own, and he has no interest in having heirs. His only interest is in foreigners - and more specifically, their foods. We may as well work to court Magnusdotr's favor, or we must look elsewhere for authority to enforce peace.
    — Feroian advisor
  • Vetheriss

    "These lands are still Felkhath and Norrasjo. We are their custodians until their Arles see reason and join us, or formally declare war against the rightful heir. It is not that hard to see."

    - Letter from Arle of Vetheriss, about Felkhath and Norrasjo territories currently within the Vetheriss border
    • As a small Arling, it benefits from the Unification of Theydim Treaty and fears being overtaken by the larger neighboring Arlings, instead choosing to try and appropriate territory under the banner of the Capitolists. Magnusdotr has promised that she will permanently set the Arling borders when she is crowned, providing the smaller Arlings some stability. Despite being a smaller Arling, Vetheriss has expanded its borders for the first time since the Unification Wars.

  • Jordelv

    • Jordelv is currently facing Uncrowned on their borders, and tensions are strained as southern Feroia's discontent with their own Arle add to the pressure. Meanwhile, Felkhath to the north has sent warnings to cease raids on their border towns.

  • "Do not doubt my loyalty, but I grow concerned for my people. The more we hear of Turlan's shortcomings towards our neighboring Feroians, the more my own hall fills with discontent. Rein in your uncle, or find someone who will."

    - Letter from the Arle of Jordelv to Magnusdotr
  • Zimaskog

    My own people wonder if we should move into the forests we were named for. We keep retreating into the mountains and foothills whenever Ostufer's faction decides to attack. The people are losing hope that we will survive after the war. I see the Unshackled Songbird engraved in nearly every town.
    — Arle of Zimaskog

    • Zimaskog needs the alliance with the Capitolists because the Arling is cut off from contact with its allies over land. Norrasjo is staying out of the war and blocking land routes towards Vetheriss. Zimaskog has petitioned Capital to pressure Norrasjo into joining. However, their contact with others has been limited to ship travel and smugglers.

      In the meantime, Zimaskog has been losing and retaking territory from their aggressive neighbors in Ostufer and Horfadal. Zimaskogsk have been crossing the Lognefjalls into Norrasjo.

Former Members

At one point, they stood with us. They will again. It is only a matter of time because they simply must - for their own power's survival after we win.
— Tilde Magnusdotr

  • Flachsteengroeve

    Flachsteengroeve originally joined the Capitolists before leaving to support the Uncrowned. The official reason for the leaving is due to Flachsteengroeve's Arle feeling they were no longer a speaking voice among the Capitolists. By joining the Uncrowned, they would champion a system where Arles have more decisive political roles than under a High King.

    Throughout the war, Flachsteengroeve has been losing and gaining bits of territory in small skirmishes, rather than through large-scale battles.

  • "Arle Stormwatch may refuse to take sides between Magnusdotr and Kerlbror. However, agents from his pet project have sent us evidence Flachsteengroeve gave tactical information to Enjorde in exchange for land from Stendal. The year between their leaving us could have been followed by half-hearted warring to allay suspicion. We need Stormwatch to choose us, or we need to take Norrasjo."

    - Note on the Capitolist War Map

Capitolist History of the Civil War

High King Magnus the Red-Eyed died (murdered or naturally depending on if one listens to rumors). Arle Kerlbror of Ostufer ambushed Magnusdotr and the rest of Theydim by claiming the dying Magnus made him Magnus' heir. Word of the High King's death was accompanied by Kerlbror's forces to ensure it spread across Theydim.

Taking this as a poorly-timed challenge to Magnusdotr, the Thydian Civil War began.

Magnusdotr began looking through every written record her father left behind and found nothing to support Kerlbror's claim in her father's possessions. Refusing to give up her birthright, she began to lean upon the law of the Treaty and old allies of her father's from the Unification Wars to support her against Kerlbror.

. . . . I was a young man when I signed the treaty, and without a family of my own.

I already told Kerlbror, joining this squabble will only cause problems. Soldiers field the farms when they are not in battle. You are asking me to sacrifice the next several years' harvest, and too many people depend on me and my arling to help them have bread on their table.

A man I respect once told me, 'One's bandit is another man's soldier. Desperation for food makes beasts from people.'

-Excerpt from Nunciel Great-Cook's letter to the Capitolists

Magnusdotr and the Capitalists have been attempting to convince the Arles of Felkhath and Norrasjo to side with them. While both Arles have refused, Vetheriss had annexed parts of them, claiming that the regions were still of those Arlings but currently under the protection of the Capitolists. Felkhath's continued refusal to take one of the two majors faction's offers of alliances has lead to Seige of Felkhath.

Speak honestly; you want me to spy on my fellow Thydians. No.

- Short letter from Arle Stormwatch of Norrasjo

Under the terms of the Treaty, Magnusdotr, Kerlbror, or the Uncrowned must have the allegiance of an indesputable majority of Arles in Theydim by the end of the second cycle after the previous High King's death, or Theydim will dissolve into independent Arlings.

Diplomacy Webs

Factions in the War


The Arlings of Atemkyst and Fjellstrand are staying out of the civil war to the best of their abilities.

*The Uncrowned do not have a specified leader and operate as a council, though Stormwatch is known as one of the better speakers on the matter
** Felkhath has been staying out of the war until Capitolist and Ostufer forces besieged the capital city
*** The Independents do not have a leader of they rally around, as they generally believe in not someone to unify under

Overall Thydian web of alliances and war

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Artbreeder


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