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Thydian Civil War Arcs and Plotlines

The drive to determine a new High King of Theydim , mostly being done by conflict between two individuals of uncertain leadership qualities or an uncertain claim to the title. And the late High King had an interest in conquering, but less interest in ruling while his would-be successors are more focused on ruling the whole Theydim region.   In many ways, this is replicating how The Adrakian Empire collapsed from in-fighting and overexpansion.  

The Story At The Start

High King Magnus was murdered or had an ill-timed death, depending on who was asked. Siegmund Kerlbror of Ostufer has stepped forward, claiming the High King had named him as heir to the throne.
However, Magnus already had an heir - his daughter, Tilde Magnusdotr of Capital who had grown up as the crowned heir. Her supporters firmly believe either Kerlbror fabricated his claim, Kerlbror murdered the High King, or Magnusdotr is the best suited for their vision of the future.
The Unification of Theydim Treaty states a new High King must be crowned after two Cycles. It is the final year of before the terms expire, leaving Theydim divided into independent Arlings as the region had been before the High King took his title.
There are four factions of the war, two who consider themselves the "true factions" - Capitolists and Ostufers. The remaining two are the Independents who do not want a unified Theydim, and the Uncrowned who wish to remain unified but without a High King of Theydim.
Regardless of alliances, some Arles have taken steps towards expanding, such as the Arle of Vetheriss and Arle Hanne Lisedotr of Alleklint to bring about their own ends - restoration of past glories, expansionist goals, grudges, and resource droughts.
The BIPS Campaign Story So Far
The Siege of Felkhath was encountered by the party towards the end of autumn. Trader caravans were blockaded from entering the city, or at risk of being raid by the surrounding Ostufer and Capitolist armies. The only force protecting the caravans in their hidden location was Nunciel Great-Cook's Housecarl, Sven Fallsen who was returning to the city.   Sven was joined by Her Highness, Lady Valeska Great-Cook, and the son of the famed Skarzvard family, Mathias Skarzvard, and the three were able to break through the blockade and coordinate a plan to return and bring the caravans into the city with their needed supplies.   With local morale lifted, Valeska was reunited with her family - though the reunion was cut short when nobles who opposed Nunciel's neutral war stance kidnapped her from the Keep to ransom off to one or the other army outside. The party were briefly joined by a local City Guard, Rifre of Felkhath in a city-wide hunt for the Arle's daughter. Before the walls could be successfully sapped from within the city, Valeska was found.   Valeska, while still recovering from her kidnapping, was forced to make a decision about the traitors' ultimate punishment. Word of her judgement carried through the city as an example of the kind of leader the future Arle would be.   However, despite the failed kidnapping and the successful raids to prevent the armies from gaining reinforcements before winter, Felkhath City was ultimately evacuated due to inadequate reserves. Svenbjorn and his hand-selected volunteers became the Grizzled Gluttons to hold the city from enemy hands during the winter until the return of Felkhath's Arle in the Spring.   However, over the winter, Valeska was able to pen letters and have them smuggled into enemy lines for the evacuees to let their loved ones know of their own survival. Mathias did MATHIAS WINTER STUFF HERE. Svenbjorn and the Gluttons kept the city through a series of harassment-based tactics and sheer survival.   The Siege of Felkhath ended with the return of Arle Nunciel Great-Cook to Felkhath City in the Spring.   The city has survived the winter and the siege, but the upcoming year will be harder than in the memory of most people, even the ones who were in the famine a century before. Farmers evacuated with whatever seed they could take for the next year's harvest, but many had less than they would normally have to start a new year with. Herdsfolk lost most if not all of their herds to enemy forces or the necessity of living. Cities and towns have had people taken and forcibly recruited, homes robbed and trashed by looters, roads and walls damaged by battle, and some are still under military threat.

Campaign Styles

To the Players

This is a plot line I hope to have available for multiple play styles.

Empire Building Campaign
High Influence over the War's Outcome
  Whether intended as a full "I want to take over Theydim," "I want a castle," or "I want to take that one particular region's lands," this style involves identifying resources, acquiring troops, building alliances, identifying the needs of a location, and managing groups of people to act on your stead or alongside you.   This actually ties neatly with how I worldbuild (have a town, figure out what the primary resource would be, from there figure out the primary industry employing most people and then figure out what towns are nearby and how each depend on each other for trade and stuff)  
Strike Team Missions
Medium Influence Over the War's Outcome
  This is a style where the you are a team sent out to complete tasks and missions for a central mission giver. This feels a lot like a scaled down version of the Empire Building style, but with an emphasis on you helping someone else with their goals, whatever their plans for the War or after happen to be.
Occasional Strike Team Missions
Low to No Influence Over the War's Outcome
  The War is not a focus and I keep the events going on the background other than the inconveniences it causes (So-and-so needs all of the blacksmiths of the region, and while you're stuck with a broken sword and now are trying to convince a ferrier to fix it with a high chance of the sword being in worse condition than before, or something).
NPC Assets Statblock

Nunciel Great-Cook

Nunciel Great-Cook
Primary Organization
Felkhath Arling
Arle of Felkhath
Opinion of Party
Ally, Employer, Family
Employment, Political Backing, Army Raising Authority, Svenbjorn is his Housecarl
He'd like his lands back. The War to end. Felkhath City and the rest of the arling to be in recovery.
A retired warrior who is tired of warfare, but will not hesitate to do what it takes to protect the people of his region.
Settlement Assets Statblock

Felkhath City

Primary Organization
Falkhath Arling
Party Influence Level
Local Heroes, Arle will back almost any political move the party makes.
Geography Type
Flatlands surrounding a slight hill the city is built on. Hot summers, big snowy winters.
Primary Industry
Farms, cattle and horse herding, angry locals who want to end the Civil War, the Arle of Felkhath, a nearby apiary,
Needs/Local Problems
The farms have been used as battle campgrounds, the cattleherds have been mostly slaughtered, other farms have been burned down, the city was under siege for the entire winter., and the horse herds have mostly been taken by the invaders
People of Note
Arle Nunciel Great-Cook of Felkhath, Erde Great-Cook, Emma Fallsen
Landmark Assets Statblock

Skarzvard Caverns

Family traditional site for a coming-of-age ritual, an ancient Adrakian-era created smithy powered by a firey being and guarded by firey lizards eating rust-eating bugs.
Cave Smithy
Currently Owned / Controlled By
The Skarzvard Family
Organization Assets Statblock

Falkhath Arling

Resources / Assets
The ability to recruit military forces, political backing, farmlands, herdbeasts
The land stolen from them to be returned, rebuild farms, rebuild herds, locals found and un-kidnapped.
Political Governing Body
Party Level of Influence
Can recruit armies, the Arle is willing to back most political choices, funding
Primary Industry
Governing the Felkhath region
People of Note
Arle Nunciel Great-Cook of Felkhath, Valeska Great-Cook, Housecarl Svenbjorn Fallsen to the Arle Great-Cook

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