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This Arling began the Capitolist Faction of the Thydian Civil War. Their Arle had been the High King himself and is now Magnusdotr when he made her their Arle six years ago. This transfer of power freed Magnus the Red-Eyed of his more Arling-bound responsibilities in favor of his Royal Thydian duties.

Tilde Magnusdotr is still young and many believe her push for the crown is rooted in her mother's insistence. Despite the concerns about a younger Arle, the Capital Arling's economy has been consistently stable under her hand, making their region attractive for wagon caravans Wagon routes.

Estopti and Oestopti the birthplaces of Empires and Kings. When the time comes, I will be High King, and these mountains will carry on the tradition of birthing High Kings.
— Tilde Magnusdotr, age 15
To be honest, some of us were expecting the High King to make Magnusdotr our Arle eight years ago when she was sixteen. He spent most of his time outside of the Arling anyway, so for the rest of us, nothing really changed.
— gossip
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