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Former Minor Arling K

Gound's salted over, or it's too hard. No one really wants the Arling as anything more than bragging rights. We're just another safe harbor for ships hugging the shoreline. It's how I managed to hold on to the Arling until Alleklint started being unreasonably aggressive.
Former Arle of K



The Adrakian empire built a harbor-fortress that now serves as the capital's keep.

Thydian Civil War

K was not a difficult Arling to win over, and was generally promised by Magnus the Red-Eyed to be left alone.

Thydian Civil War

K joined Ostufer Arling after several battles against Alleklint, leading to Alleklint being ejected from Ostufer's faction.


Of all the Arlings, K is the smallest, and generally understood to be stable, but unlikely to sustain a growing population. The people of K have long had a joke, though the punchline varied.
K-ethnicity aren't real, we're actually Ostufer/Zimaskogsk/Alleklint
— Joke, punchline varies based on the teller's preference.
Nah, we're Ostufer now.
— And the joke is now ruined
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