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The people of Theydim refer to themselves as Thydian (IPA:"θ-i-di-æn" English-Based: "Th-EE-dEE-an" with the shortest Th possible). Most Thydians are Humans, or are of human descent like Half-Elves and Half-Orcs, but there are also a number Sønztuɾfs living near the mountain regions within Theydim, and Tabaxi.  


Character | Mar 4, 2022
Arle of Atemkyst
Character | Mar 4, 2022
Arle of Flachsteengroeve
Character | Mar 6, 2022

(Deep) The current Arle who rules the Flachsteengroeve region.

Arle of Jordelv
Character | Mar 5, 2022
Arle of Vetheriss
Character | Mar 5, 2022
Arle Sten Stormwatch
Character | Apr 8, 2023
Bob Danoursi
Character | Mar 5, 2022
Character | Mar 5, 2022

Valinde's mentor, Grouchy Old Man Wizard

Dad Kerlbror
Character | Mar 4, 2022
Dimo the Bard
Character | Mar 5, 2022
Edvin Skarzvard
Character | Aug 9, 2021
Elidhe Deadblade
Character | Mar 3, 2022

A Vengeance Hunter tracking a traitor from beyond even the grave.

Emerik Svenson
Character | Aug 24, 2021
Erde Great-Cook
Character | Aug 6, 2021
Ferish the Half-Orc
Character | Mar 5, 2022

Warchief of her own warband, she is the champion of her god.

Grandpa Skarzvard
Character | Aug 9, 2021
Great-grandme Skarzvard
Character | Aug 9, 2021
Character | Mar 4, 2022
Magnus the Red-Eyed
Character | Aug 6, 2022

(core) The most recent High King who has managed to conquer almost all of the Thydian Arlings. His death triggered the Thydian Civil War.

Mathias Skarzvard
Character | Aug 11, 2021

Mathias Skarzvard, born of Edvin Skarzvard and Miss Mom Lass (Give me a name Author-lass)

Matilda Skarzvard
Character | Aug 9, 2021
Mom Kerlbror
Character | Mar 4, 2022
Nunciel Great-Cook
Character | Apr 8, 2023
Saint Antral
Character | Sep 15, 2022

(core) Thydian demi-deity, believed to have restored the Thydian gods to power by overthrowing the Empire. At least, according to Thydians.

Secondhand Knight
Character | Mar 5, 2022
Siegmund Kerlbror
Character | Jul 29, 2022

(core) Claimant for the position of High King in Theydim, Kerlbror is the political rival of Tilde Magnusdotr in the Civil War.

Sven Falson
Character | May 9, 2023
Tilde Magnusdotr
Character | Dec 25, 2022

(core) The daughter of the late High King, Magnus the Red-Eyed, Tilde was prepared to take on the role of High King, until her claim was challenged by Siegmund Kerlbror.

Character | Aug 6, 2021
Character | Aug 6, 2021


Coming of Age Rites


The newborn is solely under the care of the parents while other family, friends, or an approved courting couple tend to the parent's land/shop and other children (if any).


Thydian Naming Day


Thydian Courtship

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