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Our Arling is not an easy place to live. It's said the winds carve years into our faces, and the cold hardens our hearts to the plights of others. When you took our homes, you did not show your plight, you showed yourself to be petty. Your father won us over by understanding a bit more of who we are. We are not as soft as you Easterners.



In Atemkyst, the weather is often colder and harsher than is other regions, but the winds can often "steal away" someone's voice, leading to many Atemkyst to use large hand and body gestures to communicate.

Easterner - This is a term used by the people of Atemkyst and @Fjellstrand to describe everyone who is from the eastern side of the World Spine Mountains.


Among those of the Atemkyst and their neighbors, the Fjellstrand, there is an expectation for everyone to work - from the Arle to the older children. The current Arle had lost their arm as part of a routine fishing expedition gone wrong.

We govern ourselves for the most part - when we must turn to someone to settle our disputes, we go to the Arle, but the duties of an Arle is to the whole region, and wherever they go, they too must work.


Bone Weaving is an occupation many use to turn bone into fabric or into a garment piece. The Arle of Atemkyst once used the traditional bone weaving to draw a point about the supposed barbarism of the Atemkyst people.

Cultural Unique Feature



Feature Variants

Local Law

The most common form of punishment is for the convicted to be expected to work for the society, as it is believed crime creates a debt a criminal must pay to society. This is also used to aid the convicted towards becoming a contributing member of society. These debts are rarely given in coin-value, and are instead given in time units.

This individual, however, is not a slave, and has certain rights - to harm them is to incurr a portion of their debt based on the injury, so whoever harms the convict must also, in turn, work to repay society. They are also expected to be given shelter, food, and water to meet their basic needs, and are allowed to continue working their primary occupation.



Coming of Age

While Thydians in general come of age at sixteen and take on roles they had been apprenticed under for years before, in Atemkyst, the years of sixteen to eighteen are considered the years where the young adult experiences their occupation and finalizes the intention of keeping to it. This variant in becoming an adult comes from the need for the members of a community to support the whole, but the expectation is for community members to be willing in their occupation. If a town has a deficit in needed roles, they can send out to neighboring towns and cities to send youths who need training to be trained there.

It makes more sense to me for you to be happy as a blacksmith more than feel the obligation to become one because otherwise we wouldn't.

Death and Memorial

Atemkyst often has burials at sea, wrapping the deceased and weighing the body with stones.

We take our lives from the sea, we send our dead back to stay. Nature is a force we are at the mercy of - none of our deities control Nature.


Traditional meals have a tendency towards being what people east of the World Spine would consider "peasant" food.

Y'lift your nose at my meals, fine, but don't expect me to make you something fancy in it's place. We don't have the time to waste food to satisfy one or two Easterners.

Cities and Architecture

Cities in the region are generally half farm, half fishing harbor, with a handful of mountain towns. Most of the architecture is based on using sod and wood structures, or buildings seemingly carved out from within a small hillHobbitHouseStyle.


Atemkyst has, in general, turned their resources into weapons by using a secret recipe involving bones and urine among other things to create explosives.

What ... what was that? How did you make a bomb without GUNPOWDERSOURCETHINGYHERE?


The Forgotten Arling

Atemkyst is often considered a "forgotten" Arling, leading to the people of Atemkyst nearly alone in knowing their histories, save Fjellstrand.


Myths and Legends


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