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Thydian Undead

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  Among the Thydian people, the Undead are usually figures of respect and fear. Vengeance Hunters are a rare figure seen stalking endlessly after their marks and pinching those in their way. Mound Dwellers defend their shield-kin's graves with undying ferocity and the ability to dragged foes through the ground. Lantern Folk guard ancient borders and lure away unwelcome guests with their torches or curses.
  The Deadman's Pinch is one of the reasons the average person treats the Undead with caution. Often found as unexplainable bruises, they are signs an Undead has taken some time from the living person for themselves. The Watcher of Graves made an agreement with Nature for the undeceased to return, but that agreement is for the undeceased to completely die when the extra time they've acquired comes to an end.
  The Order of the Dead's Rest minds the graveyards where people are buried, and the ancient gravesites where Undead should return at the end of their borrowed time for the Final Rites for the Undead. The Order is also tasked with hunting down "Pinchers" or the undeceased who have lost all sense of who they were in life and why they came back, the Undead who only seek to consume more time from their victims - whoever the victim happens to be.
  The Order also hunts down anyone who tries to force a deceased person back to life or to make another person into an Undead. For every ounce of respect given to the Undead who made their deal, Thydians give twice less to those who force others into the position of having to take life-time from the living.
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