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Fjellstrand People

My Arling may not seem to offer much, but we stay out of the way of the larger Easterner politics, pay tithes, and the mountain passes are kept clear.



Easterner - This is a term used by the people of Atemkyst and @Fjellstrand to describe everyone who is from the eastern side of the World Spine Mountains.



Most Fjellstrand wear garments suited for mountain-life - layers of cloth garments, weather treated leather for over garments in snow and rain.


Local Law



Coming of Age

Upon reaching the Thydian age of majority (about 16), the young adult is sent out of their hometown and told to survive for a year without returning in the meantime. Those who return are sent out after another year.

Wherever you go, you need to know how to survive.
— Fjellstrand elder

Death and Memorial

Most of the dead are buried under stone piles used as way markers along the mountain passes and trails. If one marker falls into disrepair, the body is exhumed, cremated, and the ashes spread along the site of the marker where someone else will be buried. The names of the stone-buried are carved into the burial stones, leading to the oldest and most repaired markers to be towering structures of layered stones.


Shepherding is a major industry in Fjellstrand, and the lower elevation towns tend towards logging and hunting as their own industries. In certain times of year, deer have been a more prominent feature, while older sheep are smoked and preserved into jerky.

Cities and Architecture

Most of the towns are built of interlocking logs, stone, and clay. Entire families live in the same building, leading to multi-generation homes.

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Dec 27, 2020 18:29 by TC

Their burial traditions are really interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing this article grow!

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Dec 27, 2020 19:15 by Lyraine Alei

I'm glad you also liked the burial tradition - I'd had this idea in my head of "the dead guide us across the mountains" and was like "That's pretty neat" so had a place to put that kind of tradition into.

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I love their burial traditions, as well as their coming of age tradition. I like that anyone that returns early is sent back out again for another year. Like, "No, you're not getting off that easily." Also, yay for shepherding! I feel like that's an overlooked profession.

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They spend a year basically learning how to survive out "there" better, and then are sent out.
Shepherding does seem to be an overlooked profession, but I think it's partially because it's not as urban of a profession. Small country town or huge city, everyone has some kind of blacksmith. Or someone who can make/repair tools. But sheep seem more easily forgotten in games and the like as well, but they seem like a major industry of sorts to me. And the shepherds are more likely to pass the first attempt at surviving for a year because that's basically their job anyway.
I'm really glad you enjoy the article!

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