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Forged of Theydim

What? Surprised I call myself Thydian? Was I supposed to run around claiming to be of no nationality? No culture because I was constructed instead of born?
— Confused Thydian Forged



Forged are typically metal and wood in construction, but individuals have taken to wrapping themselves in cloth or similar materials. The more people-like Forged may choose to wear clothes and often do, but the NameBeastVehicleForm tend to choose draping fabrics such as wraps or blankets to individualize themselves or to visually indicate their status as a member of various organizations.   In Theydim, there has been a rise in Forged painting themselves.

"Face" Paint

Due to the less people-like forms of most Thydian Forged, many have had their "head" equivalents painted to represent a face like shipwrights painting eyes onto their ships. This has both a comforting and discomforting effect on people interacting with them.

Runic Paints

Some Forged opted for painting Thydian Runes on their faces instead of face-like patterns. Others painted their bodies with runes with the hopes of passing along the enchanted meaning of the rune onto the individual Forged.


Construction and Education

The process of creating a new Forged is often met with strict regulations as a result of the complicated nature of the Forged and their mortality.   Several Forged Smiths presently consider the Forged they've constructed as being akin to their own children, and are often involved in teaching Forged how to repair themselves.   Other education - such as trade skills, academics, and combat, are generally offered to each Forged created since the Great Awakening. Upon completion of those trainings, the Forged is presented with the opportunity to choose their initial occupations.

Death and Memorial

A Forged generally dies if their form has been ripped apart. No Forged has died of old age - partially because the oldest Forged are less than forty years in age.   Deceased Thydian Forged are still being found in the Contested Lands and some of their remains have been returned north. Most deceased Forged since the Great War have, however, requested their remains to be sent to their original Forged Smith or buried in places of memorable value.
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Thydian Forged

Cities, Architecture, and the Forged

While cities have not adjusted for the rising demand for wider roads, the newer streets and pathways in cities are now wider to accommodate both wider wagons and the larger NameBeastVehicleForm Forged.   Many cities have rebuilt their walls to withstand the weight of NameBeastVehicleForms trudging or trundling at the tops while on patron. Some of the cities have chosen to build entirely new walls to encapsulate the districts of formerly outlying farmlands.

Technology Advances Resulting from the Forged

Thydians began constructing Forged based on the construction practices of prosthetic limbs when the recreation of those limbs came with questions over the potential creation of artificial creatures. In many ways, the Forged have furthered development in prosthetics when the smiths creating the prosthetics were abot to fine tune the materials required. The smiths who can make the best prosthetics are often forged smiths who have made the few Thydian Forged who are shaped like people.
The Forged have changed Thydian military technology by standardizing cannons in warfare, and the eventual construction of handcannon forms of Magic Guns.


Thydians Construct their Forged

After the initial concept tests were successful, the Forged in Theydim were built as magical siege machines, or to take on a secondary role equivalent to beasts of burden. Some of the smaller ones were intended to run messenges from person to person faster than a runner.   As a result, most Thydian Forged are NameBeastVehicleForm, and the majority of them were in use during the Great War.

The Great War

While the first Forged crafted by Thydians predate the Great War, the war did create a demand for their production as Magnus the Red-Eyed led the way for Theydim's expansion into the Contested Lands by first invading ContestedLandArlingNameHere.   The Great War was the most recent war over the Contested Lands where the four surrounding governments were expanding and being pushed back. It was also the first war where the Forged were utilized as weapons across Soplas instead of skirmishes between immediate neighboring regions.

After the Great Awakening

The Great War came to a sudden halt with the Great Awakening when Forged across Soplas exhibited the traits of people and having their own souls. Initially, the governments tried to continue their war efforts, but were halted as some Forged began refusing orders or offering to defect with valuable war knowledge of their original government.   Thydians, however, were quick to demand Forged Smiths to prove they had not followed in the footsteps of the Adrakian Empire by creating the Forged via Life Forged methods. Life Forging was one of the worst crimes commited by the Empire, as Thydians have been taught since their childhoods, and temporarily bringing in new recruits to zealous anti-Adrakian Order of Speared Light.  
Once the Forged Smiths were generally found to have not been Life Forging the Forged into existence, many groups gained popularity for arguing in favor of pulling out of the war. Those groups argued the Forged had little choice to participate in the war because most of them were constructed for war without consideration for their own preferences in occupation. One of the loudest voices was Mom Kerlbror.   Many forged smiths were put to work in providing non-weaponary equivalents and parts for the Forged who sought more peaceful employment or lifestyles.
"Every soldier - even the conscripted ones - has made the choice to fight and die in war or to participate in war efforts. The Forged were never given that option, just like the Life Forged of the Adrakian Empire. Our ancestors followed Saint Antral when she vowed to not repeat the Empire's folly - let us not repeat that same folly with a different group of people."
— Mom Kerlbror
  In the three decades since the Great Awakening, Forged have been integrating into society though most are employed in militaristic occupations such as city guards, mercenary bands, and formal military.

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Starfarer Theta
25 Dec, 2022 21:10

It's an all too common occurrence in my travels for the great empires to create a race of slaves. That certainly speaks to a dark desire to shoulder the burden of work, in this case war, onto a select group without remorse. An also common occurrence seems to be the multi-verse taking exception to this style of easy solutions. It seems to me that the kind of life capable of shouldering the work of running a civilization is also capable of suffering- and also capable of assuming command of their destiny on their own terms.   Therefore, it seems to me that all of us must shoulder some burden to realize the best lives we can in whatever world we find ourselves living in. To force this burden away and onto others only encourages cycles of collapse. In light of that, the Theydim continuing to find their own way is an encouraging development. - Nemo, World Traveler
  Had to repost this to fix a typo. Great article by the way!

25 Dec, 2022 21:57

I'm glad Nemo found hope in the situation of the Forged in Theydim. I don't have a whole lot of details as to how the Adrakian Empire's Life Forged have left scars across Soplas, but it was a factor in the Empire's collapse.   I'm also glad you enjoyed the article!

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
4 Jan, 2023 13:31

Interesting idea. So basically they are like the rebellious AIs in sci-fi settings. Like the Geth in ME ("Does this unit have a soul?")

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5 Jan, 2023 01:08

*smiles* They're definitely something, though the thing that caused a lot of concern was that the Forged *suddenly* acquired souls (thus getting the Great Awakening), so "Yes, this unit has a soul, and holy cow, we built you to be war machines and you're all basically children now and not mindless and and and and [Organic Person Verbalization Failure Here]"   I am often inspired by science fiction to write stuff in fantasy, though rebellious AI tropes are interesting to play with and twist around as I want to.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
17 Jan, 2023 16:16

I love this article because it seems that not many choose to delve into the cultures of constructs of their worlds. You have such great detail on things that I would never have thought about but it has definitely given me some ideas on how to handle our Greater Golems.

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18 Jan, 2023 00:11

I'm glad my writings were inspirational for you on a similar species! =D   I've actually been meaning to write this article (and the related ones) for a long while, but struggled because I hadn't made much of an idea as to how the parent group would be like until more recently. I personally was inspired to go in this direction from the SummerCamp prompt a few years ago about a subculture or counterculture because those would still be members of their parent group.   I also have plans to describe Thydian Forest Elves, and other similar subdivisions (though likely within the Forest Elves article at that time) of culture+Nationality combinations.

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