You act as if we have a choice. Turlan has no heirs of his own, and he has no interest in having heirs. His only interest is in foreigners - and more specifically, their foods. We may as well work to court Magnusdotr's favor, or we must look elsewhere for authority to enforce peace.
— Feroian advisor




Feroians sit between the Kingdom of Tormyra to the south, and the surrounding Arlings Fjellstrand, Capital, and Felkhath.

This location has given Feroians a mix of cultural styles - those who live closer and into the mountains tend to dress in layers and furs, while the more agricultural regions dress in lighter weight garments until winter.

"Oh! Look at this dress!"
"When are you ever going to wear it? You're a logger's wife - I'm more surprised you even like dresses when they get in the way of you going out to help your wife and you complain about skirts catching on the shrubs."
— A pair of Feroians in a market

Cities and Architecture

Feroia is a land named in an Adrakian manner - no amount of hatred for Dragons could change the name - and many of the cities still use their ancient bones while expanding and applying a different cover onto the stone.

The towns, such as @Oakenfield however, tend to be build of interlocking logs or cut lumber structures. In the flatter regions, houses tend to be built more like the people of Felkhath's styles - lumber and sod houses with some homes being dug out and lifted.

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Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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