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Felkhath Arling

The Arling of the Great-Cook Family. This Arling is south of Arle Stormwatch's Norrasjo, east of Estopti City and Oestopti City of Capital, and north of Feroian Arling. Felkhath is in central West Theydim and is primarily an agricultural region.


In the past, Arlings rose and fell based on how well they supported or defended the towns and regions under their protection. While these days are not those, our responsibilities as Arle has not changed.
— Arle Nunciel Great-Cook of Felkhath

Felkhath is an older Arling, with a history supposedly dating back to the fall of the Adrakian Empire, often growing and shrinking without once having quite disappeared.


Felkhath is primarily an agricultural region, a bread basket for grains, and a valued ally to befriend. During the reign of High King Magnus the Red-Eyed, the Arling became the primary food developing region for the young kingdom of Theydim with Wagon Caravans taking the goods out to the neighboring and further Arlings.

My people owe yours a debt. Thank you.

I suspect your people may get sick and tired of fish before long - but I'll send word through the Caravans that yours should have the first Whale Oil deliveries.

- Arle Stormwatch, 27 3A
Norrasjo had a bad year, almost a decade ago, with storms hitting during the off-season or in the regions often considered to be safe from storms. This bad year had a lasting impact for several more while the grain stores to recover, and Felkhath sent extra grain.

With Herd and Field, We Stand a Bastion

Alternative Names
The Great-Cook's Arling,
Leader Title
Head of State
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities
Organization Assets Block

Falkhath Arling

Resources / Assets
The ability to recruit military forces, political backing, farmlands, herdbeasts
The land stolen from them to be returned, rebuild farms, rebuild herds, locals found and un-kidnapped.
Political Governing Body
Party Level of Influence
Can recruit armies, the Arle is willing to back most political choices, funding
Primary Industry
Governing the Felkhath region
People of Note
Arle Nunciel Great-Cook of Felkhath, Valeska Great-Cook, Housecarl Svenbjorn Fallsen to the Arle Great-Cook

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3 Dec, 2020 21:02

I really like the quote you have on the article. It really gives a sense of the place. I like that Felkhath sends extra grains to allies having a bad time.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
6 Dec, 2020 08:43

I also like the article - it actually came from a player going "Hey, Lyraine, can my character have a memory of a really bad harvest year?" The PC is from a family of "Manor-Lord" type of nobles where the (snootier) nobles see them as a commoner who might get a little uppity, but the commoners view the family as their more local lord, so having a bad harvest year where the higher commoner or nobility had been impacted gave me a chance to tie these two neighboring Arlings together.
Came handy again when I needed to pull on some kind of "political card" for Felkhath to use in its own dire hours - the capital city is currently under siege and the military is scattered across the land dealing with bandits and stuff.[be] I also had the chance to show off the leader as being a noble who did things and was genuine about his goals. I will likely be coming back to this article during the month since this is where my players currently are in my campaign.

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