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Oestopti City

Estopti is the home where decisions are made, Oestopti City is where they are enacted.
One of the Twin Cities, a former capital of Adrakian Empire.

The People and its History

Oestopti was once one of the capital cities of The Adrakian Empire. The plateau where a keep now sits was once the temple site of the Adrakian Pantheon where and their priesthood leaders at the top of Oestopti City. These meetings would often be after meeting on the plateau of Estopti to discuss matters of their empire amongst each other.  
The Fall of the Adrakian Empire
When the Empire fell, the temple was vandalized and sacked until the temple was repurposed into a military fort for the city.  

Recent History

Magnus the Red-Eyed took his place as Arle as a young adult. Shortly after, however, his grander ambitions began to emerge as he began developing allies and creating weapons from the mines of Capital Arling.  
The Unification War
After a several-years long campaign to unify Theydim, Magnus had the unification treaty drafted. He was then crowned High King of Theydim..  
The Civil War
Tilde Magnusdotr took up power a few years after becoming an adult, and the Princess of Theydim became the Arle of Capital. Her time as Arle was far from peaceful, however, when her father was killed while touring his nation.   Prepared to take her rightful place as High King, Tilde was caught by surprise when Siegmund Kerlbror came forward claiming the late High King had, on his deathbed, chosen him as the new heir.   With outrage and accusations, the Civil War began over the sudden confusion as to the proper succession to Magnus the Red-Eyed's crown.  

City Defences

Keep at the top of the mountain that used to be a temple, and most of the city is actualy into the mountains and is technically underground.  

Trade and Industry

Mines from the World Spine mountains provide materials for crafting weapons and tools, and is the primary trade for the region of Capital.  


The newer parts of the city are built into the city, so the exterior is generally the older parts of the city.  


Oestopti City is built into the twin mountain of Estopti.
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