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Estopti City

Estopti is the home where decisions are made, Oestopti City is where they are enacted.

The People and History

Estopti was once one of the capital cities of The Adrakian Empire. The plateu where a keep now sits was once where the Adrakian Pantheon would meet to discuss matters of their empire before meeting with their priesthoods at the top of Oestopti City.   The Order of Speared Light often sends out younger recruits to the more ancient parts of the city to scour away remnants of draconic worship. Where the remaining iconography could not be removed, it was reworked into recording the overthrow of the empire at the hands of Saint Antral.  

Recent History

Magnus the Red-Eyed started his Thydian Unification Wars from the city, supposedly after taking the throne as Arle and being able to see all of Theydim from the walls of his keep.   Estopti and its city-twin, as the capitals of Capital house the headquarters of the Capitolist Faction of the Thydian Civil War. From the headquarters, Magnusdotr is often seen discussing plans and diplomatic terms with her allies and advisors.

City Defenses

The city is built into the side of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, sits a fortress where the ruling Arles and High Kings would reside. Most of the defenses are built onto the roofs and city level walls, including ranged weaponary.   The greatest defense the city has, however, is shared with Oestopti as it is the pass leading to the twin cities. The pass is narrow with carved out passages where a trader caravans can move to the side for another to pass through.   In one of the final battles of Saint Antral's Rebellion, the pass was held by Saint Antral's Rebels against the Adrakian forces from the city trying to get out and from forces trying to reinforce the city's defenses.

Trade and Industry


One of the greatest holds the Capital Arling holds over Theydim is the mines along the World Spine Mountains. While the Eyes of the World do not have nearly as rich of mines within their mountain caverns, Estopti has kept itself self-sufficient to supply a drafted emergency army within ResearchTimeNeededToSmithAnArmysWorthOfWeaponsHereAndThenReduce.

Saint Antral and Pilgramages

Pilgramages are made to reach Saint Antral's Tomb entrance and the Order of Speared Light's primary residence.   Several of the pilgramage sites include battles where Saint Antral had been a part of or had provided a blessing for.


The architecture is a blend of ancient Adrakian, old Thydian, and modern Thydian with influences from dwarven building brought up by Sonzturfs.   There are several levels to the city where parts of the city had been built up and down the mountain.


Most of the city deals in high altitude weather - clouds blocking vision while one is ascending the levels, breathtaking vistas where one can supposedly see all of Theydim or possibly most of Soplas.   Locals concern themselves with occasional rockslides, though they also have detours and work arounds for the rocks until the rocks are relocated for city defense purposes.
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