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Antral's Tomb

Why are you here? You're not welcome, nor would she want you here.
Saint Antral was mortal despite being the champion of the gods, so when she died, she had to be buried in a place of respect suitable for the leader of the Rebellion.


Originally, the saint was buried at a grave until a necromancer tried to resurrect her. Several of the best rebels came to defend the body. They vowed to guard her even into their deaths, and built the tomb for her.   Those warriors still defend her to this day as her bodyguards. Their dedication is often taken as a sign of the Watcher of Graves favoring the saint as to allow her body to be guarded by undead.


There are pilgrimages to Antral's tomb, though the doors are gated shut for the pilgrim's safety. Some over zealous and curious individuals have been severely injured or died at the hands of her bodyguards who saw them as intruders.   Every decade or so, a member of the Order of Speared Light would trespass into the entrance in an attempt to seek an audience with the bodyguards. And be rejected.

Modern Day

The tomb is painted in bright colors and depict Saint Antral's battles against the false draconic gods, or her returning the Thydian gods to their rightful places.   Outside the gates, theater performances reenacting historical events are performed and generally feature her actions or words.


The Order of Speared Light built their Estopti Temple of Speared Light near the tomb of their revered hero when the tomb was still underconstruction. The tomb has an uninterupted view of the mountains west of Estopti and the sunset.


Because of the knowledge and skills of the builders, the tomb is built with similar architecture as other Adrakian buildings of the time, except with the dragon-friendly icons supplanted with the saint's history.



Saint Antral

Somewhere deep within and under the tomb, the saint rests in her second grave. It is a point of pride for the bodyguards to ensure no living mortal knows how to reach her.

Saint Antral's Bodyguards

Her undead guardians appear to have no eat to eat, sleep, nor drink. They do not appear to have a Vengeance Hunter's wanderlust despite having the strength and aggression of one, nor do they seem to have the common ability of taking years from a mortal through the Deadman's Pinch. It has been suggested the guardians are like Mound Dwellers and bound to a place unless led by one of their own to go beyond.


Stories circulate of ancient Adrakain artifacts of power being buried with the saint, stories suggesting the artifacts are under the guardianship of the saint and her bodyguards to prevent the Empire from returning again.   The few times one of the bodyguards has been seen outside of the gate, they have refused to comment on any such artifacts existing - or not.

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