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Saint Antral's Rebels

Today, we fight to free ourselves from the tyranny of an Empire that no longer cares for us and only wants to take and take! Today, we fight so our children never have to fear us being taken from them and chained without memories of who we are for centuries after they've already passed. Today, we tear down the false gods because we have the backing and blessing of the true Gods of Thydians for they have spoken and said we must move before all is lost! Today? Today is the day the Empire falls!
Saint Antral, the morning of the Final Battle

The rebellion led by Saint Antral stood mostly on the basis of the Empire being led by false gods who used magic to appear divine, and the discovery of ruins that appeared older than the Empire and had no mention of the Empire's gods to instead worship other deities.


The Order of Speared Light has preserved one of the Rebellion banners - a pair of triangular mountain peaks with three stylized dragon skulls facing forward, left, and right.



Core Members

  • Saint Antral

  • According to legends and the few remaining documents from the era, Saint Antral had uncovered evidence of a pantheon of gods predating the Adrakian's pantheon of living gods. Upon the discovery, the ancient gods spoke to her and named her their champion in restoring them to their place in the hearts and minds of the people of Soplas

  • The Rebel Life Forged

  • Life Forged, who had reportedly either wanted to be restored to their pre-forged lives or be free of their "duties" they had been forged into, sided with the supposed Saint with the promise she would find a cure for their condition - even the ones turned into swords. However, they did not agree to serve her cause as much as serving her.

  • Antral's Bodyguards

  • A dedicated group of warriors who were often assigned to specialized tasks or the defense of the Saint herself. They still defend her body to this day, but do not speak to the living with more words than warnings to leave her tomb and clear disdain for most of the living.

  • Arlings Before Arlings

  • While Arlings are the modern Theydim's divisions of land and territory, there were no arlings during the Empire. Instead, Saint Antral collected military leaders who had some political skills to rally the locals into starting smaller rebellions across what would one day become Theydim.

    Most of the leaders agreed on the condition the new pantheon's priests would not seek to govern over the land themselves, as the Empire was ruled by High Priests of the Dragons.

  • We can rule ourselves, your priests will guide the people instead of our laws, and you can guarantee we will be victorious?
  • Imperial Defectors

  • While most modern records of defectors has been lost, destroyed, or degraded, there are signs the Rebellion had support from individuals with power within the Empire. Some names date back to potentially being tied to defectors.

  • I can't find any names - it's almost as if they didn't want to be remembered or someone doesn't want them remembered. I guess it protects the defectors from retaliation.

    - Note from a scholar

Former Members

It is believed that any traitors have had their names stripped. The fact their names and the names of defectors may or may not be related.

  • Traitors

    It is believed there were some traitors, most of the belief is based on the natural faults of mortals who would give in to factors such as greed, fear, or bloodlust. Their names have not been preserved, and any mention of the possibility tends to draw the ire of the Order of the Speared Light.

  • Anymore of this talk of Antral having been betrayed at any point is ridiculous.

    - Letter from the Order of the Speared Light

History of the Rebellion

The Rebellion against the Adrakian Empire began in the estimated year of Year, and kept fighting until about Year.

    Year (Estimated)
  • The Saint Antral's Rebellion begins.

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