Corive Antral's Rebellion fights Kotzuiyrn and Coryduin

Antral's Rebellion fights Kotzuiyrn and Coryduin

Military: Battle


Antral led a rebellion against the dragon gods, claiming they had usurped the power and position of the true gods of the region. As her region was mostly controlled by the Priesthood of Kotzuiyrn, she was mostly rebelling against him more than the other two.   By the final battle she had gathered a force of displeased Life Forged, disgruntled citizens, and disillusioned priests, and marched them into the twin cities of Oestopti and Estopti for her final battle against the Razing.   It is said she personally killed the dragon, supported by her mounting his skull on the wall of what would be repurposed to a temple for the Thydian gods.

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