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The Bard

While some may say the Bard is our god of scholarly studies. They're not entirely wrong, and maybe we do simplify his domains too far. Music is a common way of telling news, teaching history, or creating memorable rhymes for medicine.

Divine Domains

The Bard is associated with music, history, and medicine. It is believed the proto-Thydians preserved their mythologies in song format, lending importance to the Bard's role as historian as well as healer.   Modernly, the Bard's domain has expanded to writing and art as well as music, with theater performers often being a mix of follow the Bard or the Merry One.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A black ring to identify healer priests and zirconium-made tools of the priest's "occupation" (pieces of musical instruments, handles of writing tools, and the operating parts of medical tools). Some Thydians, however, can make the mistake of thinking a non-Thydian with zirconium tools is a follower of the Bard due to healing clerics crediting the material's divine connection for the higher rate of succees with patients' health.   The Bard's symbol, however, is of a raven with a wood whistle hanging from their neck and carrying a leech or snake in their talons - academics debate which, though most agree on leech since leeches have healing abilities. Sometimes, the Bard's symbol is further simplified to a bird's eye.
We think the Bard's symbol was a raven because in the few pre-Adrakian ruins we've found the Theydim, the raven appears be in various artwork the scholars have identified as historic records. We've also seen a pictogram of the raven among pre-Adrakian era runic texts. We also see the same symbol in Saint Antral's texts when the gods spoke of their history with our ancestors to our Saint.

Tenets of Faith

Knowledge is to be shared, history sung into memory. In the modern day, clerics of the Bard will write to record what would be passed on to other Bard clerics and the Thydian population as a whole, though generally they record what that particular cleric has focused on.   Most of the Bard's followers have a lively persona to how they perform their duties - often after their duties is a period of time to record any new learnings or to note additions to be added to their duties. This persona, however, does not always match how the cleric is outside of their duties.   Many of the Bard's followers have a reputation for having single-minded obsessions and focuses within their duties while being disinterested in anything unrelated. This reputatation, however, is not entirely unearned as the Bard's domains are notoriously broad - several clerics wind up recording details unrelated to their personal focuses as a result.
He/Him, Masculine
Aligned Organization

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