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Antral's Texts

Antral claimed to have been chosen by the gods, and while illiterate, she recorded their teachings in the form of images to be turned into words when she found someone to rewrite them for her.   From the text, one can see multiple possible interpretations of images for deities such as The Bold being both a positive figure and a negative figure in Thydian society. The Merry One is modernly depicted as a child, but the older symbology based on Antral's pictograms suggest the Merry One was not a child, despite his child-like nature.   The original version of the text is still in pictograph form, but is stored within a glass case. A decade after her death, the case was put into a darkened room where natural light could not reach it as her images were slowly fading out to the light. Pilgrims make the journey to peer at the pages before continuing to finish the pilgrimage as her tomb.   It has been suggested the pages provide a map to where Antral had been chosen by the gods, but attempts to copy the pages have led to the death of many ambitious explorers.   The current popular beliefs include a mountaiin between Vetheriss Arling and The Far North that hand supposedly sunk after she left it.   The discovery of where the saint had written the first tenets of the true Gods of Theydim would add another location to the pilgrimage, and provide tourism into whichever Arling who had the most direct route to the site.

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