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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
A travel log or other document associated with discovery.
A total of 247 entries

Travel Logs of Geertruud Smallbottom

First Landing on Sanguine Island

The True & Honest Account of Samkenami

Paruz of Sakouramish travel diary

Crónicas de la llama eterna

Discovery journal of Phoenician

the journal and notes of Droffilc the grand cartographer

Bericht des hochwürdigen Meisters Galenirs Perliz über seine Reise nach Heilhem

Contract between Miru De Notani and Lord Kyroshi

That Which Lurks in the Dark: The Elder Evils of Xeccamund

Letters from Túrin Adanath to his daughter

The journal of Cogra Lisle

The Dungeon Crawlers Guide to Disastrous Adventure

Forschungsbericht DI-2350-A "Die Säulen der Götter"


Atlas of Nedev and Surrounds

Myths and Folklore of the Nonogawa River Valley

The Explorer's Guide to Charter Cities

The Collected Works and Manuscripts of Kenda Otany

A Gazetteer of the Eleven Cities

Kinetics: A Study on Necropaths

Erwon Silversong's Expedition Log

Creatures and Cultures of Vastiaria

Morgrave: the Places and the People

The Periplus Of The Northern Seas

The Journal of Kaplan Kuhani

Rockrunners Guide To The Bos Magara

The Log of the Voyage of Tobias Kumiega

The Palate of Patala; Danger, Opportunity, And Culinary Exploration

Dr. Monsure Tarley IV's Medical Log

The Discovery of Volatus Stones

Travels Through Banern Province: Volume 1

Field Notes on the 'Space Beneath Yellowstone'

Discovery of the Amulet of Sutekh

Stone Slabs of Awakening

The Collected Adventures of Hajar Stoutsong

The Adventures of Elizabeth Bismuth

Journal of Sir Onfroi the Planeskimmer

The Path of Light for an Archaeologist

A Walk Through the Forest Research Notes

First letter of Seleucus Martext's diary

An Escasceana's Journey Through the Compis Arts

Journal from a survivor of the Lost Kingdom

Ephemeris tou Paris Emporius tom. III

Impetus' Luckiest Entry Yet!

Klovhernsman's Journal of the Journey Westwards

Magai Journal of Spell-Discovery

Queen Ameria Ravakas' Atlas of the Known World

Journal Compendium Summercamp 2022

Accounts of the Crescent Eruption

Log of the Ukanten-Reetmayer Expedition

Mabel Castor's Guide to Culinary Ingredients, Where to Find Them , and How to Use Them

Hymns to the Great Dreamer

Aré eótés quámce qualitaés é rés

Mayble's Guide To Vampires

The journal of Archaeologist Isabel Lucas.

Journal of the Society of Archeology

Theory of the Flesh, Mental, and Astral Selves

The Autobiography of Feyo of the Rising Sun

The Cave Cities of the Iron Hills

Vulyeva: The Shadows that Trickle In

Discovery of the Cartographer's Cat

The Complete History of Yrnath

Travel Journal: An Expedition to the Southfold

The Many Paths of the Lyssarian Waters

On the Expansion of Resources and Support to Non-Amnari Factions

Letter from Arthur Halley to Professor Koji

Children of Aktar Before the Fall

Prestigious Geography and Biology of the Island of Camshire

Personal Accounts: An Expedition into the Bloodplains Except 1

The Homesick Halfling's Guide to Dodiöu Réijmí

Travelogue of Canon Freya: An account of a child's discovery of a new portal to Earth

Maghast's Guide to Draknaths

Journal of Javiden of Incaras

Diary of an acadean Sailor, 479 CE

Mazariin Tuvetovna Travel Log #1