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Seven Deadliest Poisons

Survival Guide to Poisons

Survival guides come about through necessity or a difficult experience that one doesn't wish upon others. Those that travel or wander the world gain knowledge and expertise in the oddest of areas that a layman would never know without walking the same paths. In this way, survival guides are an important piece of knowledge for those that may not be able to invest hours, days, or even years into learning the world around them. Most are informative, giving advice on how to survive adverse conditions, but others tell about things that the layman should avoid at all costs.   Seven Deadliest Poisons is one such survival guide, constantly revised with new information and explanations as the author learns more about the many things in the world that tend to maim or kill the unsuspecting. Now in its fifth iteration, the guide can be snarky at times, expecting those that are reading it to have a morbid curiosity that would get them killed in most instances.   While lacking the professional tone that most survival guides use, Seven Deadliest Poisons is a popular book due to its somewhat light-hearted tone that caters to those that may not be highly educated. One of the best-selling books in Isekai, this guide has sold thousands of copies and has received multiple revisions over the years, including a children's guide with a number of illustrations.

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Currently, Seven Deadliest Poisons is in its fifth revision with a sixth edition in the works by the author. This book is one of the most widely available pieces of literature throughout the world, having been translated into a number of languages, including many of the more difficult Animal Kingdom languages. Most large cities will sell copies of this book and it can be found in most personal collections as well.
Guide, Survival


Written originally during the Eldritch War, this survival guide has served many people well, stopping many unfortunate deaths due to mishandling of certain items. Constant revisions give the most up-to-date information on the various poisons, including in layman's terms and illustrated children's guides. This book will have a long-standing legacy that few other pieces of literature can rival.


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