Yarik's diary

This collection of 15 simple leather bound books contains the reflections of Yarik regarding most of their life experiences starting from the age of 15.   The main focus of the single volumes depends on the circumstances of their life at the time and can be thematically subdivided as such:  

Volume I - A Diary in Captivity

  This thick volume is the only one that has been rewritten and edited later on, as it was originally written in scraps of stolen paper and approximately bound together. Yarik still keeps the original copy, but transcribed its content in a leatherbound book that would fit together with the subsequent ones. It is the volume that most resembles a personal diary, reflecting the mental space of the young author while trying to make sense of his life as a slave in the Nezil's mines. The last entry of the volume narrates the events of the Sphatikhana rebellion as lived by one of the recaptured slaves.  

Volumes II to XII - The logbooks

  These ten slender volumes narrate the adventures of the young makarid as a pirate on board of The Ferret. They are briefly prefaced by the account of the voyage on board of the slave ship from which Yarik was freed. Some personal reflections are interspersed amongst the dryer accounts of the ship routes, the booties distribution and the changes in the crew composition. Of particular interest is the insertion of single pages dedicated to each crew member detailing any hints about character disposition, potential problematic traits and ideas on the best way to manage them, starting from some time before Yarik formally took the role of Quartermaster of the Ferret.  

Volumes XIII-XV - The research logs

  The last three volumes, of the same height and material but much thicker than the previous ones, are mainly dedicated to the log of the Hottest Spices activities, in particular the log of the Sensory Stupor patients, their ailments and the details of the treatment negotiations and outcomes of it. Interspersed between the double paged logs of the regular clients, are the logs of any experiment attempted with the other therapists and some accounts of the private pleasure sessions in the The Spice Caves.

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Author's Notes

This article is in response to TJ Trewin's prompt #84 from his 400 Worldbuilding Prompts

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