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13 Aug, 2021 18:48

Sounds like such an fascinating shop. I reckon the smells of all the ingredients would be quite overwhelming. Yarik definitely sounds like an interesting character.

20 Oct, 2021 19:01

<3 It does smell good in my head. And a little different every day depending on what ingredients where taken out or restocked the day before.

20 Oct, 2021 12:01

I love the maximalist look of it, though I'd guess it's too hot in there.   It sounds like a risky location for a shop, I hope it stands for long

20 Oct, 2021 18:58

The volcano is active but doesn't have an explosive type of activity. So there is always a risk, because what are we writing about if we don't put a little challenge, but people around it feel safe considering the precedents of its activity.